Storm-Blown Ramen Shop

Hakata ramen is one of the most famous ramens in the Kyushu region of Japan. Its signature ramen uses freshly boiled pork bones as the main ingredient for the broth, resulting in a rich and flavorful taste. It would be a pity to visit Hakata without trying a bowl of Tonkotsu ramen. Although the broth may appear thick, it is not overly greasy and has a delicious flavor when eaten.

Hakata Ippudo (Hakata Station Higashi Main Store)

Hakata ramen is one of the most famous ramen in Kyushu region, Japan. Its signature ramen broth is cooked with fresh pork bones as the main ingredient, giving it a rich flavor. It would be a pity not to taste a bowl of tonkotsu ramen when visiting Hakata. Despite the thick appearance of the soup, it does not feel too greasy when eating it and it is very delicious.

"Noodle path is chewy"

Fukuoka is famous for its locally produced wheat. The restaurant, Men-dou Hanamokoshi, uses this high quality wheat to make their signature dish, Chicken Char Siu Ramen. The broth of this ramen is light and flavorful, not greasy at all. The chicken char siu is cooked with a secret sauce, making it tender and juicy with a delectable taste. It's not too heavy on grease, making it a refreshing choice for diners who enjoy a lighter taste.

Hakata Ikkosha Nishinakasu

This restaurant specializes in rich and creamy tonkotsu ramen, utilizing their homemade soup base which is slowly simmered with dozens of bones and meats to produce a flavorful and rich broth. The ramen is served with secret spices and fresh vegetables, resulting in an appetizing aroma and taste. They use high-quality pork which is specially cooked for even more deliciousness. The combination of a mouthful of noodles and a bite of char siu is simply a delightful experience.

Shin-Shin Sumiyoshi Store (Sumiyoshi Store)

Shin-Shin Sumiyoshi shop has crafted a rich tonkotsu soup base that is not greasy to eat, and the secret lies in the addition of fresh chicken soup by the shop, which makes the tonkotsu soup base clearer and smoother. This delicious bowl of ramen not only has the perfect soup base, but its abundant and crispy toppings are also mouth-watering. Don't forget to try the tonkotsu soup base with added chicken soup and the super crispy ramen toppings when you visit Shin-Shin Sumiyoshi shop, it's sure to leave you completely satisfied.

Hagakure Udon

This shop specializes in selling udon noodles, with the Fukuoka unique deep-fried udon noodles as their signature dish, paired with delicious seafood soup, the taste is amazing. In addition, the udon noodles here are different from other places, with delicate ends and slightly wider middles, which is quite unique and attracts many people to come and taste.

Yilan Ramen (Headquarters)

Ichiran, which opened in 1960, is one of the authentic Kyushu-style ramen shops. Its chewy wheat noodles, richly simmered pork bone broth, and specially made spicy sauce are its winning weapons. Ichiran only sells one type of ramen in its shop, but customers can customize the hardness of the noodles, thickness of the soup, spiciness, and more according to their preferences. The main shop has a luxurious storefront, making it hard to imagine that a ramen shop could be so grand. Unlike its branch shops, the main shop not only sells ramen but also offers various Ichiran-related souvenirs.