Shopping guide in Kobe

Shopping has become an indispensable experience on the journey, like a tourist attraction. Whether you buy something or just walk around in shopping malls, or visit local famous markets, it is all interesting. Kobe is also a shopping paradise in Japan, with a wide variety of products.

Takashimaya Department Store Kobe Branch

Kobe Daimaru department store is a European-style classical building, presenting an elegant atmosphere with stone-built street window corridors. It is one of the most popular department stores in Japan, located in a prime location with 2 underground floors and 10 above ground floors. There are also a series of upscale shopping areas nearby, including the oldest classical European-style building in the former foreign settlement "Building No. 38" and BLOCK30 across the street, which now specializes in selling imported brand products.

Motomachi Shopping Street

Located across from the intersection of Kobe Daimaru Department Store, it is the entrance to the Motomachi shopping street. The shopping street extends along the streets from Motomachi 1-chome to 6-chome, with a total length of about 1.2 kilometers and approximately 300 shops with a wide variety of items. Many of the stores have been in business since the opening of the port. It takes about an hour to explore the entire Motomachi shopping street.

San Gong Central Street

Sannomiya Center Street, the largest shopping street in Kobe, is about 550 meters long and just a 2-minute walk from Sannomiya station. This street connects Hanakuma Street and Rokko-michi and is a large east-west commercial street with high and wide arches. The entire street is full of openness and combines fashionable, book, home appliance, grocery, furniture, food and other personalized shops, with various kinds of goods available, making it a shopping paradise.

Marui department store

Kobe Marui Department Store is renowned for selling Japanese fashion items and offers a wide variety of products including men's and women's clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes, hats, cosmetics, and more.

MEDITERRASSE shopping center

Mediterrasse is a fashionable concept shopping center established by the renowned Japanese brand WORLD at the end of 2005. The architecture was inspired by the old apartments in Marseille, southern France, and created an exotic atmosphere in the streets of Kobe. The unique exterior of the building combines the features of the old city of Marseille with modern architectural elements. The shopping center has no partitions from basement level B1F to 3F, making it convenient for customers to move freely and equipped with various themed daily necessities and restaurants on each floor to meet different customer needs.