A trip to Tokyo to explore and shop with excitement

When traveling in Kyoto, apart from visiting popular attractions such as shrines and temples and enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, shopping is also an essential activity. This city, known for its long history and quaint atmosphere, excels in meeting the diverse shopping needs of tourists. From traditional local specialties to a variety of cosmetics, there is a wide range of shops here. This guide will recommend some shopping places in Kyoto based on different shopping goals, allowing you to explore the charm of ancient Kyoto while easily purchasing the items you love.

Sannenzaka and Ninnenzaka

Sannen-zaka and Ninen-zaka, located around Kiyomizu Temple, are slopes full of Kyoto style, and also one of the important traditional architectural protection areas in Japan. Ninen-zaka starts from Kita-no-Maruyama and goes south, with well-preserved old houses on both sides, which have a unique style with red lattice and insect cage windows. You can find various Japanese snacks and traditional Japanese groceries on Ninen-zaka and the "Acorn Republic", which offers Studio Ghibli merchandise. On the other hand, Sannen-zaka has toy stores, kimono shops, and Kiyomizu-yaki pottery stores, which is a great place to buy souvenirs from Kyoto.

Shichimiya Honpo

This is an old store with a long history of over 350 years. The store specializes in selling shichimi powder, a seasoning used in Kyoto cuisine. It can be added in moderate amounts to soups and dishes, and its slightly spicy taste and unique aroma are unforgettable. When you enter the store, the staff will give you a free cup of soup with shichimi powder for you to try, which is said to be very delicious and makes you want to buy a few bottles to take home immediately. The small bottle packaging is convenient to carry, not only suitable for personal use, but also as a gift, one of the unique Kyoto specialties.

Jin Market

This is a long-standing shopping street in Kyoto, known as the "kitchen of Kyoto" and selling various common Kyoto dishes, pickles, seasonings, and raw fish and vegetables. It is very lively and now, with the increase of tourists, there are also many souvenirs, stationery, and specialty snacks for sale, making it a great place to shop and stroll. Whether you are a local resident or a tourist from out of town, it is a friendly and easy place to visit.

Shi-Tiao-Heyuan Street

This is the busiest commercial district in Kyoto and one of the most famous shopping streets in Western Japan, located at the intersection of Shijo-dori and Kawaramachi-dori. Here, there are large department stores such as Takashimaya, Fujii Daimaru, and Kawaramachi OPA, as well as well-known brands such as Uniqlo and LoFt, which are the largest in Kyoto. After nightfall, the bars, tea houses, and red lanterns hanging in the alleys add to the lively atmosphere. Walking along the Kamo River, the beautiful Kyoto nightscape in summer is even more enchanting.

Xinjingji Business Street

This street, regarded as the busiest one in Kyoto and one of the second oldest shopping streets in Japan, is highly popular among local residents. Although the Shinkyogoku shopping street is not long, it has many unique shops, forming a unique shopping culture in Kyoto. In addition to various clothing and souvenir shops, there are also many drugstores with complete brands and affordable prices.

Shimizu-saka Shopping Street

Kiyomizu-zaka is a stone street in front of Kiyomizu-dera, which is the main passage to Kiyomizu-dera. This quaint street is lined with various Kyoto specialty and handicraft stores, such as Kiyomizu-yaki pottery, Yatsuhashi sweets, Kyoto sweets, tea and fruit sweets, and Kyoto fans. In addition, there are many restaurants, souvenir shops, and coffee shops along the street, and many snack shops even offer free tasting events. Kiyomizu-zaka also extends into two small roads, Ninen-zaka and Sannen-zaka, with Ninen-zaka starting from Shichimiya Honpo and Sannen-zaka featuring Kiyomizu-yaki shops and galleries. Ninen-zaka is also a convenient route to Kōdai-ji.

Jingxiaowu Yili

Kyoto Small Object Yilin is a local specialty store located in front of the Long'an Temple. Its main products are original small items woven with Jing Yuzen and Nishijin fabrics. The most popular item in the store is the twisted box sachet. Although other small shops now also sell twisted boxes, Yilin was the first to offer boxes containing sachets. After the fragrance dissipates, the twisted box can also be used to hold small objects. In addition, the store also offers a variety of handmade jewelry, fans, and other small items for consumers to choose from, making it an excellent choice for personalized selections.

Yojiya cosmetics

Yojiya is a brand that is known for its geisha doll face logo and mainly sells cosmetics and skincare products. They adhere to Kyoto's traditional beauty methods used by geishas to offer customers the best products. These products are not only suitable for personal use but also a great choice for gifts. Due to its unique charm, the store is always crowded, especially their oil blotting paper, which is one of the must-buy beauty products in Kyoto. There are multiple stores to choose from in Kyoto.

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