What is there to do in the Genting Highlands?

The highly anticipated Genting Skyworlds outdoor theme park is finally open! But besides Skyworlds, Genting is still a fun day trip destination where you can occasionally go up and enjoy the cool breeze and fresh air. Over the past few years, efforts have been made to transform Genting Highlands into a brand-new entertainment center, and the latest addition of Skyworlds is one of the projects. Even if you're not into gambling, there are still plenty of fun things to do at Genting.

Latest outdoor theme park Genting Skyworlds

Ever since the opening of the Genting Skyworlds outdoor theme park, it has become a popular destination for visitors. This brand new Skyworlds in Genting boasts 9 unique themed worlds spread across 26 acres of land. Explore a variety of international movie-themed attractions and areas suitable for all ages, from your little ones to teenagers, adults, and those young at heart! The outdoor park is divided into several sections (also called "worlds"), each with its own unique atmosphere and offering well-balanced rides, attractions, as well as dining and retail options.

Shop to your heart's content at the branded discount stores in the Yunding Highlands

Although Genting Highlands is not widely recognized as a shopping destination, the new Genting Highlands Premium Outlets discount store is undoubtedly a great place to shop. Here you can find well-known brands such as Michael Kors, Coach, Hugo Boss, Kate Spade, and enjoy discounts of up to 70% off! Conveniently located next to the Awana Skyway cable car station, it's easy to get to the Genting Premium Outlets. If you're tired or hungry after strolling around, there are also a range of dining options, whether it's the spacious food court or numerous restaurants and cafes.

Visit Qing Shui Yan Temple

The Chin Swee Caves Temple is located in a forest of rocks, surrounded by nature, and is a landmark of Genting Highlands. If you take the Awana Skyway cable car, you can stop at the Chin Swee station and visit the temple! There are several prayer halls in the Chin Swee Caves Temple, a nine-story pagoda (where visitors can climb to the top to enjoy the surrounding scenery!), and huge statues of the Buddha and Guanyin. Before heading to the top of Genting Highlands, you can take a quiet walk on the temple grounds and immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere.

Enjoy coffee at one of the most unique Starbucks in Malaysia

Enjoying a cup of coffee in the cool breeze, you must have Starbucks when you come to Genting! Although there are several Starbucks stores in Genting, this one is unique on the list - located inside the magnificent Qing Shui Yan Temple! The concept of the architecture style of this branch is the overall appearance and feeling of the Jing Rui Stone Cave Temple surrounded by mountains and magical mist.

Check out SkyAvenue

Once a place for First World indoor theme park, it is now a check-in spot containing shops, restaurants, interesting sights, services, etc. You will see it as you get off the cable car at the SkyAvenue station - the brand new shopping center Skyavenue in Genting Highlands has undoubtedly brought high street shopping to a whole new level! When strolling around this massive new shopping center, it's easy to lose track of time for a few hours because there's just too much to eat and see~

Check-in at Genting Skytropolis indoor amusement park

Although the new outdoor theme park Skyworlds is now the star of Genting Highlands, the revamped indoor theme park, Skytropolis located in SkyAvenue, provides plenty of thrills for adrenaline junkies and families alike. So if you're missing indoor fun, you'll definitely love the newly renovated Skytropolis indoor theme park. With over 20 new areas and fun rides, you'll surely spend a few hours playing. Even if you don't like rides, Skytropolis' neon lights and fun atmosphere make for great photo opportunities!

Food marathon

Is there good food in Genting? Previously, when going to Genting, I would always worry about what to eat. The choices were very limited and the waiting time was very long. Eating shouldn't be so troublesome! Nowadays, there are many new restaurants in Genting, and there are more choices~ You can enjoy delicious food at the heavily promoted Burger & Lobster London, the acclaimed Beauty In The Pot, and Brooklyn's most popular Motorino pizza shop (equipped with wood-fired ovens), or just enjoy a cup of coffee at the French bistro Cafés Richard. The famous American burger joint Five Guys has just opened its first branch at SkyAvenue! Are you ready to eat juicy burgers, hand-cut fries, and milkshakes?

Explore Ripley's Adventureland theme park

The top level of SkyAvenue is the brand new Ripley's Adventureland amusement park. There are huge armored elephants on both sides of the entrance. In this adventure park, you can visit the magical world of the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum, the Jurassic Research Center, the 4D Art Museum, and the Zombie Outbreak. The Ripley's Believe It or Not museum is full of all kinds of strange things and can definitely satisfy your curiosity! If you like dinosaurs, then the Jurassic Research Center is definitely for you. There, you can see different kinds of dinosaurs in actual life size, as if taking you back in time. You can also enter the Zombie Outbreak haunted house and experience the thrilling feeling of being chased by zombies! Gather your family and friends, and discover another side of Genting Highlands!

Challenge the arcade game PlayTime!

For those who love playing games, be sure to head to PlayTime! arcade in the Adventureland area, where you'll find everyone's favorite new and old games. Thanks to the arcade's new machines, you won't have to worry about seeing signs that say "out of order" very often!

Enjoy the SkySymphony display

Giant LED display screens are spread throughout the mall's atrium, with movie visual effects and specially created music combined every hour. You can watch for free at the shopping center, and SkySymphony also has a four-story high winch device made up of 1,001 winch balls. Watching the theater's combination of light and sound presents a spectacular visual story.

Luxury camping experience at Glamz

Looking for a luxurious camping experience instead of staying in a hotel? Glamz At Genting is a great choice for you! Located at the foot of the Genting Highlands, this luxury camping-style cabin is surrounded by cool mist at dusk and dawn. This is a unique and leisurely luxury camping experience for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It's perfect for gatherings with friends, romantic trips with your partner, and even family adventures. This nature-inspired luxury camping site is nestled in lush greenery, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Enter the winter wonderland of Snow World

Explore the winter village with a European theme at Snow World! Those who have nostalgic childhood memories in Genting may remember Snow World, the iconic attraction at First World Plaza. This winter wonderland has been upgraded, offering a sub-zero environment with realistic snowfall, changing day and night scenery, ice houses, sledding slides, and more. It provides fun for both adults and children in a winter-like atmosphere.