Train to Busan | Travel to Busan with the movie

In addition to the Busan International Film Festival held in October every year, Busan is also a shooting location for many films, presenting the most authentic side of the city. In Busan, you can feel the warm rhythm, the intense heartbeat, and the charm of the movies. The night view of Busan is breathtaking, and every corner has its own story that can be captured in a film. In Busan, whether it's a fascinating narrative, a touching plot, or thrilling scenes, you can always feel like you're in a movie.


Train to Busan is a movie that tells the story of passengers trying to survive a zombie outbreak while on a KTX train from Seoul to Busan. During the film's screening, netizens felt a lingering sense of fear when riding the KTX train. The scene where a large group of zombies chases Gong Yoo was filmed at a railway maintenance factory in Busan. Although the factory is not open to the public, riding on the KTX train on the Gyeongbu Line can still recreate some of the movie's scenes.

International market

Busan International Market was a major filming location for the movie "International Market". It's one of the largest and oldest markets in Busan and served as a refuge for refugees during the Korean War in 1950. In addition to iconic goods, it also has a wide variety of products and is a great place to buy souvenirs.

Dongrae Byeoljang

"War against Crime" is a classic Korean gangster film, and its classic scenes and lines are still widely imitated in the Korean variety industry. The classical villa seen in the movie is Dongrae Bieujang, which was built by the Japanese and combines the architectural styles of both countries. Nowadays, it has been turned into a restaurant serving high-end Korean food.

Baiqian (Xian) Tan Cultural Village

"The Defense Lawyer", based on former South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun and the background of the Gwangju Uprising, is not only deeply touching but also thought-provoking. The house where the restaurant owner lived in the film happens to be located in Baekseon Beach Cultural Village, which now not only features murals but also is covered in classic quotes from "The Defense Lawyer".

Hua Guo Hotel

The Hua Guo Restaurant is a place where you can experience specialty cuisine inspired by gangster movies. Their popular dishes include fried sauce noodles and seafood noodles, and the walls of the restaurant are decorated with autographs of the stars from the film "New World." Online users have even praised the movie as surpassing "Infernal Affairs" as a gangster film, making it an unforgettable film experience for you!