Busan, the shopping paradise for shopaholics

In Busan, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of this international metropolis but also indulge in shopping spree! Busan has world-class department stores, where you can find major fashion brands and duty-free shops, which are a must-visit shopping destination for "overseas travel". The tax-free prices of the products are even more attractive, attracting tourists from all over the world, and multilingual services are available. In addition, Busan is also home to one of Korea's best shopping paradises. It is dotted with many "good quality and low price" shopping places, such as authentic department stores that locals love to go to or major brand outlets, allowing you to enjoy the fun of shopping without any regrets. After reading this, are you already unable to resist the urge to "sweep" Busan? Come on, Busan will make sure you shop worry-free and return with full load.

SK-II (New World Duty Free)

This international duty-free shop is the largest in southern Korea.

Busan Premium Outlet

This is the largest outlet in Asia, with beautiful surroundings and full of European charm, exquisitely designed.

Modern department store (Busan branch)

Modern department stores aim to provide high-quality goods and excellent services. They are the best department stores in the Busan region. In recent years, they have introduced some affordable brands and offer an elegant environment and thoughtful service, allowing consumers to buy their favorite products without worries.

Lotte Duty Free Store (Incheon Airport branch)

Lotte Duty Free's Incheon International Airport branch sells world-renowned brands at prices 30% lower than the market.

Lotte Department Store (Gwanghwamun Branch)

The famous Lotte department store has a pleasant environment, complete products and thoughtful customer service.