The stunning night view of Busan, known only to the locals

If you haven't been to local places like Huangling Mountain Beacon Tower, Haiyuntai, and Guang'anli Bridge, it's like you haven't been to Busan. Here, you can enjoy the scenery, fully appreciate the beautiful view of Haiyuntai in the summer sea breeze. You can sit on the ground with a bottle of beer and a few friends, chatting and feeling so at ease!

Abandoned Ridge Mountain viewpoint

Locals are well aware of the beauty of the fenghuotai watchtower in the desolate hill, which extends from Haiyuntai all the way to Luodong River, with endless scenery; while the light show of Guang'anli Bridge and Busan Harbor Bridge is stunning and mesmerizing at night.

Guangan Bridge

Guang'anli Bridge, known for its night view and also called the Diamond Bridge, not only has a regular light show, but also uses the bridge as a screen to display various animations. Every autumn, the Busan International Fireworks Festival is held here, which is breathtaking.

Haiyuntai Beach for Seawater Bathing

If I lived around here, I would definitely come here after dinner. The night view of the seaside is beautiful, with waves crashing onto the beach. There are also many artists sitting on the beach, bringing a wonderful art feast to passers-by.

BIFF Square

Here, you can not only watch movies, but also enjoy the beautiful night scenery. The ceiling of the entire building is wavy, forming a big screen. When night falls, accompanied by gentle music, splendid scenes will be displayed on the screen, making passers-by stop and appreciate.

Moon-viewing Road

The reason why Yeongmyeon Road got its name is mainly because it is located in the southeast corner of Busan, facing the sea, and is a good place to enjoy the moon. On moonlit nights, the lights on Yeongmyeon Road cast various shapes of the moon from crescent to full. In spring, you can also come here to enjoy cherry blossoms, it is truly a beautiful place.

How old is Duodapu Beach?

The summer tourist destination known for its white sandy beaches, DuDuPau Beach, is located near the world's largest "DuDuPau Dream Sunset Fountain". With a maximum diameter of 60 meters and a circumference of 180 meters, the fountain boasts a maximum water spray height of 55 meters. The music played during the fountain show includes not only classical music but also Korean pop music. Music lovers should not miss this place.