Favorite of TV series enthusiasts, traveling to South Korea with Korean dramas

South Korea has many fascinating Korean drama shooting locations, with the most famous being the Gamcheon Culture Village, known for its beautiful scenery with lush trees. Many classic Korean dramas have been filmed here, providing a refreshing experience. In addition, Seoul's Yonsei University and Wangsimni Beach are also popular shooting locations. Standing in these places, one can feel the charm of Korean dramas and enjoy a unique travel experience.

Ganchuan Cultural Village

Against the night view when the lights were just on, the Korean drama "The Road: Tragedy of One" brought an extremely romantic journey of filming locations.

Yonsei University in Seoul

"A Day Found by Chance", the filming location of the popular Korean drama that is trending across the internet.

Zhuhai Jinshan Beach

Come and check in, take a photo in the same style as Gong Yoo in the classic Korean drama "Goblin"!

Little France

Capturing every shot like a fairytale scenery, "My Love from the Star" is filled with French romance.

Pear Blossom Painting Village

"The Prince of Rooftop Room" filming location, where every corner is filled with wondrous surprises.

Yishan Dong Hanok Village

Filled with artistic atmosphere, NCT's variety shows and the filming location for "Hotel Del Luna."