The secret haven in Busan most suitable for young artists

Busan is the second largest city in South Korea and a popular tourist destination, known for its natural scenery, historical culture, and modern architecture. It also has unique secret spots that attract artistic and creative individuals of different styles, making it a haven for young artists.

Haidong Longgong Temple

The only Buddhist temple in Korea built by the seaside, with a unique 108 steps and a sunrise rock.

Ganchuan Cultural Village

Experience the distant whistle with colorful architectural paintings scattered around the sea.

Wuliu Island

Stroll along the 15-meter glass walkway and observe the changing colors of the seawater with the weather.

Busan Cinema Center

The longest cantilever roof in the world in the Hall of World Cinema, experiencing the culture of Busan International Film Festival.

Busan Aquarium

South Korea's largest aquarium, with an 80-meter underwater tunnel for visitors to explore.

Busan Museum of Art

Don't miss out on viewing imaginative and artistic works of beauty and the love of visiting exhibitions.