Most beautiful lakeside town_Intralaken, Switzerland

Interlaken is located on the spine of Europe in Switzerland and is a prosperous city with tourism as its pillar, famous for the Jungfrau. The city is situated between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz and offers stunning natural landscapes, historical buildings, art, and culture, all of which attract numerous tourists to experience. Interlaken also has many high-quality entertainment and dining venues, providing travelers with a relaxed and healthy travel experience.

Xinjiang Tianshan Mountains

The Interlaken lookout is located south of Interlaken, with the Jungfrau to the east, making it a beautiful scenic spot. Visitors can ride a historic, 100-year-old train to the mountaintop to enjoy the views. Other activities such as paragliding and cable car rides are available, and the cable car station was even featured in a James Bond film. Here, you can enjoy the blissful relaxation of nature's playground.


Harder Mountain is located in the north of Interlaken, with an altitude of 1,322 meters, it is a fresh travel destination. Nature seems to have created this magical platform for tourists, allowing them to overlook the beautiful panoramic views of Lake Brienz, Lake Thun, and Interlaken. There are many restaurants and suspended observation decks on the mountain, and standing there, you can enjoy the surrounding beautiful scenery.

Alpine Botanical Garden

There are over 500 species of alpine plants here, two-thirds of which are within Switzerland. Each plant has a detailed name and description, making it easy for tourists to have a deep understanding of the types and characteristics of plants, making it an excellent destination for family travel.

Canyon Glacier

The Glendalough Valley Glacier, located directly south of Grindlewald, is like a beautiful painting that takes your breath away. In the towering mountain valley, a rushing river tumbles down from the cliffs, sparkling and clear enough to see the bottom, leaving one awestruck. Surrounded by green trees and mountains, the scenery is exquisite and unparalleled. If you have the chance to come here, be sure to appreciate its beauty and feel the charm of nature, letting it bring you a world of relaxation.

Interlaken skydiving experience

Want to experience the feeling of skydiving? Head to the suburban airport! Upon arrival, you will receive English skydiving training from professional staff and assistance with equipment. Then, take a 15-20 minute flight in a plane to an altitude of 4000 meters. Under the guidance of an instructor, experience a 60-second freefall at a speed of 200km per hour. After opening the parachute, you can enjoy a 6-minute glide experience like a bird, overlooking the magnificent Alps and Swiss lakes. Believe this will be an unforgettable experience!