How to explore Egypt for the first time? Must-visit the top six attractions

As for Egypt, everyone knows and can even talk about the legends of the pyramids. In fact, Egypt has many other famous places worth visiting. Here, we have compiled 6 must-visit attractions in Egypt and some things you need to pay attention to when you go for the first time. Come and take a look!

Memphis and its cemetery pyramid

The largest and most famous Egyptian pyramids are located in the Giza Plateau on the outskirts of the capital city Cairo. In addition to the well-known Pyramid of Khufu, the other two pyramids are named Pyramid of Khafre and Pyramid of Menkaure. These three pyramids are collectively referred to as the Great Pyramids. If you don't have much time, visiting the Giza Pyramids is enough.
Valley of the Kings is located in the desert on the west bank of Luxor, ancient city. It holds the tombs of over sixty pharaohs of ancient Egypt and their artifacts. The main tombs currently open to the public include the tombs of Tutankhamun, Ramesses III and VI, and Seti I. The walls and ceilings of most tombs are covered with murals or filled with hieroglyphs, some adorned with golden reliefs, colorful and magnificent.
Visit the various temples in Luxor, besides walking inside to see the scenery, you can also take a hot air balloon ride and enjoy a wonderful view of these ancient buildings from above. Prices for hot air balloon projects in Luxor vary, ranging from 200 EGP to 200 USD. The price difference is due to the different contents included in the hot air balloon projects, such as insurance coverage and whether the driver holds a proper license. It is recommended to purchase hot air balloon tickets in advance.

Red Sea

The three most recommended islands for snorkeling in the Red Sea are Giftun Island, Paradise Island, and Mahmya Island. The water surrounding these islands is exceptionally clear, with shades of green and blue under the sunlight. Snorkelers can see colorful coral and small fish swimming around. Opting for a day trip is the most suitable choice for snorkeling, as it includes diving equipment and transportation services.

Black and white desert

Departing from Cairo and driving through highways, passing by crystal mines, accompanied by swirling sandstorms, and experiencing a bumpy ride, the black sand dunes rising from the endless wilderness, the snow-like white sand, and the wind-eroded white mushroom stones together form this peculiar landscape. When you come to Egypt, camping in the Black and White Desert is an experience you shouldn't miss. Watching the sunset in the evening, participating in a bonfire party, and gazing at the sparkling starry sky from the tent, the sky above seems to be adorned with diamonds, shining so brightly and close, where everything is dreamlike yet real.

Unfinished pyramid

This unfinished obelisk is 40 meters tall and weighs 1200 tons. It lies quietly in the quarry, with excavated trenches of one meter wide separating it from the mountain. There are no inscriptions on the obelisk, and due to the passage of time, it now has cracks. These cracks constantly remind us of the passage of time and silently tell the ancient stories of this land.