Oxford | Must-visit hidden gem boutique collection

Must go! Three stores are less than 100 meters apart, all on a super beautiful small road called Turl Street in the city center. Every time I wander around, my mood gets better.


This super retro stationery store has all kinds of quirky little gadgets and beautiful greeting cards, notebooks, and wrapping paper! You can buy DIY kaleidoscopes, or just browse without buying anything. The owner is a super tasteful gentleman, with a very tasteful dress sense, making your time inside very enjoyable.

Oxford Wine Company

A must-visit for alcohol lovers, students can enjoy a 10% discount! From bottles priced at ten pounds to several hundred pounds, you can find all kinds of alcohol here. The atmosphere here is more ceremonial than buying alcohol at Tesco! The staff will enthusiastically recommend suitable drinks based on your preferences, especially Fenjiu, giving you constant surprises! Additionally, the canvas bags here are great and can serve as the ultimate souvenir! No need to buy a school emblem anymore, come and buy a canvas bag here!

Objects of Use

This lovely home goods store offers a variety of household items, from pots and pans to brooms and dustpans, to skincare and hair care, everything is available. They also sell all kinds of cute little brushes that can be used for various household chores. What's even more tempting is their colorful enamel pots, which can make your kitchen decoration more delicate and lovely.