The most popular shopping center in Oxford

Oxford's shopping area revolves around Cornmarket Street and Queen Street, which are important shopping centers for local residents and students. The street side shops offer a wide range of distinctive local souvenirs, including t-shirts, badges, and hats, to meet the needs of different consumers.

Alice's Little Shop

Oxford is the hometown of Alice in Wonderland, known as the birthplace of fairy tales. The shops here offer a variety of Alice in Wonderland related books, gifts, and merchandise, allowing both children and adults to catch a glimpse of the mysterious world of Wonderland and enjoy a fantastic experience.

Oxford Covered Market

The Oxford Covered Market located in the center of Oxford is a vibrant market, it is the oldest covered market in Oxford. There are florists, cafes, gift shops, jewelry stores, clothing stores, and hair salons, etc., to meet the various needs of tourists. In addition, there are many independent small shops here, where you can buy very special interior decorations, leather gifts, and other custom-made gifts. The Oxford Covered Market is a perfect destination for tourists to experience the most authentic urban culture!

Blackwell Bookstore

This senior store has been around for over a hundred years, located beneath the garden of the Theological College, and has the largest bookstore space in Europe. It gathers all kinds of books, both new and second-hand. Guests can read, buy books, rest, and relax in the café here.

Boswells Department Store

Boswells, Oxford's department store, has a history of over two hundred years. Located on the busiest street in Oxford, it is also a must-visit for tourists visiting Oxford University. The store sells a variety of specialty items such as hats, mugs, and T-shirts, as well as toiletries, clothing, bags, and more, all with a distinctive Oxford character.