The beautiful and unique cathedrals of Maastricht

Protestants have taken over Catholic churches, and books have become the new masters of ancient churches. Can hotels make their home in churches and monasteries? It seems like there is nothing wrong with that. In the beautiful Maastricht, churches can serve a variety of purposes. Converted churches have gained more meaning and vitality.

Maastricht has many churches, but this one is definitely the most eye-catching. The red spire is very striking and beautiful, it has become a landmark next to Vrijthof Square.
Almost every "bookworm" dreams of having a bookstore like this: any time, you can walk in, have a drink, flip through books, and immerse yourself in the world of books. The Dominicanen Bookstore is such a dreamy bookstore. It is not only the bookstore with the most English books in Maastricht, but what makes it even more unique is that it is located inside a Dominican church. Now people can climb up to the top level of the three-story black bookshelves, get a close look at the 14th-century murals on the church's dome, and overlook the entire church. The area where the church choir used to be is now a coffee lounge with a table in the shape of a flat cross, with a deep gap in the middle for magazines, newspapers, and other reading materials for readers to enjoy. It is the most distinctive furniture in this church bookstore.

The Coruscant Hotel

The second-level platform in the church nave is the culinary space of the hotel, where you can not only taste Michelin-starred cuisine, but also enjoy the view of the old city through the huge church windows. In the evening, the wine bar converted from the original choir seats is even more charming. Taste over 1800 top wines, try a local specialty fruit dessert, or a unique Maastricht coffee, and enjoy an unforgettable wine night in Maastricht. Hundreds of years ago, the monks, known for their simplicity and stubbornness, could never have imagined such luxury.