Barcelona's shopping guide for shopaholics

Barcelona is a shopping paradise with low prices and a wide range of brands. There are also two discount seasons each year: the first is from January 6th to the end of February, and the second is from early July to the end of August. If you want to go on a shopping spree, you can't miss it!

Although the shopping center is located far away, there are many brands available and you can also eat and watch movies.
The largest chain department store in Spain offers a wide range of products, including beauty, skincare, watches, clothing, and groceries. Foreign tourists can also receive a 10% discount card at the information desk with their travel passports and can also apply for tax refunds.

Cosmo Apartments Passeig de Gràcia

Passeig de Gràcia is a luxury shopping street in Barcelona where you can find brands such as LV, CHANEL, Gucci, Loewe, Tomas Colomer, and Santa Eularia.

The village of shopping in larocca

The shopping village gathers over 130 renowned brand boutiques, offering discounts that can go as low as 60% off retail prices. Moreover, foreign visitors can enjoy an additional 10% discount on top of the already discounted prices, but don't forget to pick up your voucher at the visitor center.