A List of Unmissable National Parks in Yunnan

Apart from well-known places such as Lugu Lake and Lijiang, Yunnan actually has many national parks that are worth visiting. Today, I will introduce a few of them.

Yunnan Pudacuo National Park

The first national park in mainland China, a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, the park is composed of Bitahai Nature Reserve, Shudu Lake Scenic Area, Luorong Ethnic Cultural Village, and Mili Yading Alpine Pasture, known as the 'ever-changing fairyland holy land, romantic fairy tale world'.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain National Park

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain National Geological Park is a national scenic area in China, a 5A national tourist attraction, and the sacred mountain of the Naxi people. The Emperor of Nanzhao personally proclaimed it as the 'Northern Yue', and the founding Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, Kublai Khan, proclaimed it as the 'Great Holy Northern Yue, the Emperor of Jingguo and Anbang'.

Yunnan snub-nosed monkey national park

The Yunnan Golden Monkey National Park is one of the 'Three Great' national parks in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The park is rich in tourist resources. In addition to the 'national treasure animal' Yunnan golden monkey, visitors can also see clouded leopards, golden eagles, black bears, macaques, pheasants, jade dragon ferns, single-leaf grass, Yunnan red cedar, Taxus chinensis, Chinese yew, and other rare national animals and plants.

Meili Snow Mountain National Park

Located at the junction of Zayu in Tibet and Deqin in Yunnan, it is also known as the Prince Snow Mountain. It is called "Yaoshan" in Chinese and "Rongzan Kawa Gebo" in Tibetan. The mountain is rich in various valuable medicinal materials and is the highest peak in Yunnan. It is a holy site for Tibetan pilgrims, a sacred site for the Yongzhong Bön religion, the first of the "Eight Sacred Mountains in Tibetan areas", one of the "Ten Most Beautiful Mountains in China", and one of the "Ten Majestic Mountains in China".

Laojun Mountain National Geopark

National Geopark is known as the "ancestor of the mountains in Yunnan Province", it is said to be named after the founder of Taoism, Laozi, who practiced alchemy here.

Nujiang Grand Canyon National Park

The Nujiang Grand Canyon is composed of the Gaoligong Mountain on the west bank and the Biluo Snow Mountain on the east bank. It is the longest, most mysterious, most beautiful and primitive eastern Grand Canyon in the world.