New York City Carnivore Map

Living in New York, what should you do when you're bored? Go eat! And when you eat, you should drink a lot of wine and eat a lot of meat. Some people say that we should watch our figure, what should we do? And others say that eating too much meat is bad for your health, what should we do? All I want to say is, listen to the calling of your own heart, follow your desires, and come with me to find meat to eat in New York!

When it comes to meat in America, the first thing that comes to mind is certainly the delicious and tender, mouth-watering American steak. Peter Luger Steak House, a century-old steakhouse located in Brooklyn, has been ranked as New York's number one for 28 consecutive years. Their "steak for two" is a must-order dish for couples, combining deliciousness with value for money, while those who are dining alone or have a smaller appetite can opt for the "steak for one" to share. Fellow diners who have visited Peter Luger have praised it, and the title of New York's number one is not simply a name, so if you love steak, this is the place to go.
The steaks at Smith & Wollensky may not be the best in New York, but their reputation has spread worldwide, thanks to the endorsement of the stock market guru Buffett. This is his favorite steakhouse, where he holds his annual charity lunch with exorbitant prices. Even if you just want to taste the difference of the steaks loved by the wealthy, you should try Smith & Wollensky. The succulent Filet mignon and the innovative "Bone in filet Oscar style" are both great choices for meat lovers.
If you love steak, and your favorite is a juicy and chewy ribeye, then Strip House is definitely your best choice. The ribeye, which is located near the back of the cow, is only second to the expensive fillet in tenderness, and after special baking, it emits a delightful aroma of beef fat. Paired with their special roasted garlic, the steak is rich but not greasy and has a unique flavor. It's worth mentioning that the crispy goose fat potatoes are mashed potatoes formed into balls and deep-fried, and they are also one of their signature dishes. The soft and sweet potatoes are the best companion to the steak.
If you love beef, but aren't a fan of American-style steak or think American steak restaurants aren't worth the price, then unlimited Brazilian barbecue buffet might be able to satisfy you. Many people think Churrascaria Plataforma is the best Brazilian barbecue restaurant in New York with abundant delicious food that causes people to walk in and come out with support from the wall. They have various kinds of tasty food such as sirloin steak, beef ribs, beef brisket, filet mignon, and beef shoulder, etc. Many buddies go crazy in front of their menu, looking up words in the dictionary or Google translate, it's like going to their restaurant, and my mom doesn't have to worry about me not seriously studying English anymore.

Jiang Hudong Bai Ding (32nd street)

If food can make a person's name memorable, then Jiang Hudong is definitely the one who benefits the most from it nowadays. (The last person whose name I remembered because of food was Liu Angxing from "Young Master". XD) in New York is synonymous with the best Korean barbecue. Although they don't have a variety of small dishes and snacks, what they have is a simple yet classic selection of special bean paste salad and refreshing, sweet and sour pickled vegetables. They don't have a complicated selection of meats, only a few set menus to choose from, but each item is a classic. Whether it's seared pork belly, seared pork butt, boneless short rib, or sliced rib eye, each one is unique and leaves a lasting impression.

Bonchon Chicken

Korean dramas have made beer and fried chicken wildly popular, and at Bonchon Chicken, you can experience the most authentic Korean-style fried chicken. Interestingly, this establishment is also a bar, making it the perfect place to try beer with Korean-style fried chicken. On weekend evenings, you can often see Korean students gathering together to drink beer, eat chicken, and watch sports, making for a very enjoyable atmosphere.

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

If Jiang Hudong occupies a place in the New York Korean barbecue industry, then Niku Kaku is the big brother of the New York Japanese barbecue industry. As the world's largest Japanese barbecue chain, Niku Kaku has more than 600 stores in Japan alone. Almost perfect top-quality beef, garlic grilled shrimp with a strong aroma, and beef tongue that melts in your mouth have established a dominant position for this huge chain empire. It is worth mentioning that during their happy hour (2pm-5pm), most meats are extremely cheap, and every time you go, you have the urge to order every single meat on the menu.
This is a Japanese restaurant hidden in Manhattan, and the name of the restaurant is the same as the owner's name. The owner upholds the concept of "making the food he ate from childhood to adulthood" and opened this not so big Japanese creative restaurant. Unexpectedly, it became so popular that people often travel through half of the city only to be told to come back next time. Those who can eat after queuing for two hours are considered lucky. Such a "crazy" queue can only be blamed on the fact that their food is too delicious. The signature Foie Gras Stuffed Mini Kobe Burger, Tetchan Large Intestine, and Angus Prime Kalbi are all delicious enough to subvert your experience. And their unique Niku-Uni raw meat roll with sea urchin is the masterpiece dish that deserves the long wait. Highly recommended for carnivores, after eating it, you will realize that meat doesn't necessarily have to be grilled to be the most delicious.

Sol Hyang Gee BBQ

In the meat-eating world, only our big barbecue skewers can bring both ice-cold beer in the scorching summer and warmth in the harsh winter. Although Yelp's rating isn't too friendly to it, Songlai Xiang Skewers is indeed a good choice for gathering and enjoying barbecued food. Their flavors are authentic, portions are generous, and prices are affordable. They also offer a wide variety of skewered meats, as well as other dishes besides barbecue.

Zhou's Yummy

As the saying goes, eating lamb in winter is better than taking ginseng, and eating it in spring, summer and autumn also benefits your health. In the long winter of New York, what can be better than a hot bowl of lamb soup to warm your stomach? If you pass by Lao Zhou Full Lamb Restaurant, you will definitely smell the authentic and fragrant aroma of lamb. There, you can enjoy a lamb broth that has been simmered for more than ten hours until it turns white, and also a lamb neck hot pot that is tender and juicy enough to be shredded easily by hand. Of course, you cannot miss the lamb skewers full of childhood memories and the fragrant cumin flavor.