New York Oyster Restaurant Inventory

It is often said: "Oysters, oysters, eat and not get tired; oysters, oysters, eat and play~" (Hey! Where does this saying come from?!) But the charm of oysters is undeniable, as everyone can see (right!). Some say that autumn and winter are the prime seasons for oysters, when they are plump and juicy, while others prefer the small and sweet oysters in spring. But honestly, as long as you can eat without getting tired and eat and play, why worry about what season it is? New York, being a gathering place for food and a paradise for food lovers, today I will once again gather the power of "eating Chinese food" to conquer the Big Apple region. Oh, and don't forget! Please be cautious when consuming fresh seafood. If you feel unwell, do not overindulge.

One cannot miss The Rock Seafood Tower when visiting Oceana, which is undoubtedly the most popular dish. The seafood tower is definitely worth the money with a variety of shrimp, crabs, sea snails, and mussels, as well as the taste of an English afternoon tea. Their specially made sauce for oysters is unforgettable, especially the passion fruit sauce, which is their secret weapon. Although this famous seafood restaurant does not offer Happy Hour prices, one can be sure that you get what you pay for.
Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Maison Premiere has become a trendy spot among foodies in recent years. The waitstaff, who are all oyster experts, can offer suggestions for oyster pairings with cold dishes for those who are new to eating oysters. The bar is also highly acclaimed and has the title of "Best Bar" with a great selection of red and white wines, cocktails, and spirits to complement the oysters. Additionally, the restaurant has an outdoor New Orleans-style garden where diners can enjoy their meals in a particularly pleasant setting.
Located near KTOWN, John Dory Oyster Bar is a seafood restaurant from the moment you walk in. The entire bar displays seafood directly on ice, giving a Chelsea Market fish market feel. The oysters come from both the East and West coasts of the United States, with about six different options, all of which are top-notch in quality and extremely sweet and succulent. The oyster platter also comes with a large lobster, making it a mouth-watering experience. Moreover, the chorizo stuffed squid and park house rolls are highly recommended options that are also quite delicious. don't miss out if you have the chance!

Upstate Craft Beer & Oyster Bar

Upstate in the East Village is also a very popular restaurant, with a queue forming on weekends before it even opens. They offer a selection of the freshest East Coast oysters every day, each with a succulent and full flavor. During Happy Hour, you can get half a dozen oysters and a craft beer for only $12, and their friendly servers will patiently explain the flavors of the oysters and recommend delicious craft beers to suit your tastes. Their scallop stew, soft-shell crab, crab cake (with honey and sweet peppers), and pasta dishes such as Fettucine with Clams are also highly recommended and very popular!
This restaurant is also an old establishment with a history. When it comes to Happy Hour for New York oysters, people will think of this restaurant. From April to the end of the year, during Happy Hour, fresh oysters are only $1 each. Every night, the restaurant is full and you can see a large plate of oysters on every table, which shows its popularity. Especially the Kusshi oysters from the West Coast, which have a fruity sweetness, are definitely worth a try. For those who don't like raw food, they also offer options for baked or fried oysters. It is also recommended to try their Old Bay Fries with mayo dipping sauce, which is very tasty.

Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant

Located in Central Station, the Oyster Bar has a century-long history and features a nostalgic atmosphere with its rounded ceiling. Their daily oyster menu varies based on the day's supply, but each oyster tastes incredibly fresh and delicious. Additionally, there are nearly thirty different types of oysters from all over the world to choose from. The signature Medley of Shellfish includes ten oysters, clams, shrimp, and lobster, and their must-try Pan Roast, similar to a seafood chowder but thicker, comes in a variety of flavors with options such as lobster, oysters, and scallops. It's recommended to order one share per table. Other highly recommended dishes include the lobster bisque, caviar, and lobster sandwich. Even if you're not a fan of raw seafood, there are plenty of other delicious cooked food options to choose from here.


Wayland offers the famous Blue Point oysters known for their fresh and smooth taste, with $1 Blue Point oysters during Happy Hour and oyster shooters for only $5, making it a foodie's paradise where you can indulge and feast. In addition, this restaurant is open until 4am, making it a great spot for night owls.

Aquagrill Oyster Bar

Aquagrill Oyster Bar, located in the SOHO neighborhood, is also a well-known seafood restaurant with a great reputation and popularity. There are many different types of fresh oysters available, from California and Maine. Although there is no happy hour, there is an oyster bar where you can get freshly-shucked oysters and a great value lunch set (half a dozen oysters with soup and salad) every day at noon. If you don't know which type of oyster to choose, you can order the seafood platter which is big enough to feed two or three people.
If you simply want to drink and eat oysters without overly fancy decorations, this is definitely the best choice. Fresh oysters paired with a glass of wine, plus the hypnotic live jazz music, will give you a relaxing feeling as if you are in heaven. Additionally, here you can have a meal of six oysters and a glass of red wine for only $12 and $1 oysters during Happy Hour. You can enjoy a simple yet elegant feast.