Los Angeles is a great place for art photography

In Los Angeles, familiar names like Bestia, Stumptown, and DSM signify the rise of an artistic hub. Located in the easternmost part of DTLA, the Arts District is easy to find. With its three main features of art, boutique shops, and coffee, it also offers a variety of excellent restaurants and bars. Explore the following guide in order and you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you discover!

Dover Street Market Los Angeles

The extremely popular DSM has finally opened in LA. Compared to the one in NYC, this one has its own LA style, with multiple floors designed with separate compartments. In addition to Kawakubo's own brand, there are no shortage of other trendy brands available.

Two Bit Circus Micro Amusement Park

A fun place suitable for all ages, with many arcade and VR games, and even private rooms for families. The atrium is a lounge where you can enjoy beer and chat while watching the kids play.

Jason Vass

From DSM and Two Bit Circus, why not go to this art gallery for a stroll?

Urban Radish

Compared to Whole Foods, Urban Radish has a stronger urban vibe, with an industrial, minimalist, and eco-friendly design. The dining area outside the store also has a strong community feel.


An outdoor and indoor hybrid bar and performance venue with weekly music performances.

Urth Caff e

The famous Urth Caffe is always crowded with many people, but they don't feel cramped. People love their organic vegetables, but their coffee is average.

The Squad Boys and Girls Club

Mainly selling unisex clothing accessories, probably hasn't been open for long and is too small to be easily noticed.

Arts District Co-op

Next to Squad is a space filled with multiple Pop-up Stores, which I feel will become more and more common both domestically and internationally. One in particular that spoke to me was Rotelli, a bicycle shop.

Hughes Estate Sales

A lot of old stuff at home was bought from their store, although not this branch. I recently discovered that there is one in Arts District. Remember to check the opening hours before going.

Lot Stock and Barrel

In a small courtyard, the things sold inside are not cheap but quite stylish, with many vintage jeans.

Arts District Brewing Company

Get some drinks if you're tired of walking, both indoor and outdoor are available. This bar is very interesting, besides brewing beer, there are also mini restaurants, game machines, ping-pong tables...if you don't want to drink, you can have a German sausage on the opposite side.

Apolis: Common Gallery

The concept of this fashion store is similar to Guruin, which is to help people live a better life. Apolis means Global Citizen.

House of Woo

The storefront is inconspicuous and not on the main street, but there are some very fresh and chic shops that I have seen in Taipei.

H. Lorenzo Archive

H Lorenzo's famous discount store, all items are 50% off.