Chongqing's unique niche activities, come and collect them

Chongqing attracts numerous tourists for sightseeing. But besides those popular attractions, there are also some unique niche activities here.

Chongqing Transport Teahouse is the best-preserved old teahouse. This teahouse is hidden below the steps on the street, and it looks like an ordinary teahouse, but it is truly extraordinary. I enjoy watching the tea change from green to yellow while drinking tea. The slow and lingering heat feels like the breath of life, allowing time to be measured.


Zhong Shuge bookstore is well versed in the magical mysteries of Chongqing, everything is designed to subvert your perception. The central hall offers a strong visual impact, with staircases overlapping and resembling the mountainous cityscape of Chongqing, showcasing the magical 8D city of Chongqing.

Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

The most artistic place in Chongqing is definitely Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. There are sculptures everywhere, and it's fun to take pictures with them. Graffiti is also common here, and there are always many people visiting for photo ops.
Neighborhood, buildings, squares, tracks, and bridges are blended together, making the city multidimensional and integrated, where emotions also come alive. If you are used to seeing light rail running through buildings, the working people under the high-rise buildings will definitely give you a different feeling.

Octagonal well old residential building

This place can be considered as a recently discovered niche paradise. It is located inside an old residential building on Haitang Street in the Nanan District. There doesn't seem to be anything special from the outside, but it is truly a different world once you go in.