Discover the taste of Chongqing in these restaurants in Chongqing

In recent years, the popularity of Chongqing has been on the rise, with more and more people coming here to travel. Those trendy restaurants are also packed with people. In fact, besides those restaurants, Chongqing also has many local eateries that locals often go to, and these eateries also have a strong Chongqing flavor.

Yi Zhi Shi Restaurant

Sichuan cuisine founder of the Chongqing School, refreshes our worldview of Sichuan cuisine. It's not just about being spicy and numbing, but also about rich flavor profiles and bold flavors.

Pei Jie Spicy Hot Pot

A very famous shop that often has long queues, but the taste is also quite authentic.

Yuwei Xiaoyu Hot Pot

If you are from out of town, then this restaurant is a suitable choice as the level of spiciness can better suit the taste of people from other regions.

Zeng Laoyao Fish Restaurant

The taste is quite good, very delicious, and the most attractive thing is that the 200-meter-long air-raid shelter is always full at night.

Li Zi Ba Liangshan Chicken

A unique restaurant with distinctive flavors, featuring tender and flavorful chicken with herbal notes.