The charm of Chongqing's grassroots lies hidden in these attractions

Chongqing has become increasingly popular in recent years, and many tourist attractions have also gained popularity. In fact, besides those attractions, Chongqing also has many charming local attractions. Let's take a look together.

Railway Four Village

Quiet and serene railway village with a cinematic vibe, located in the southern part of Jiulongpo District. Although there are many young tourists who come here to take photos, it doesn't disturb the normal life of nearby residents. The scenery of the railway tracks gives a strong cinematic feel, and the surrounding residential area has a special charm.

Chuanmei Huangjiaoping Campus

At Chuanmei, you can take a stroll on campus. There are many graffiti places, and the walls are a bit older! There are also many popular spots on campus. If you can't find them, you can ask the security guards or cleaning staff on campus with a picture. They will be very enthusiastic and give you directions in Chongqing dialect. When leaving the campus, you can also take photos of the graffiti walls.

Bell Tower Library

One of the most beautiful bookstores in Chongqing is Zhongshuge, which you shouldn't miss. There are plenty of seating areas and a dessert section. It's great to read while enjoying some food, and the interior design is amazing.

Guan Yu Temple

Like most buildings in Chongqing, Guan Yu Temple is also built on a mountainside. The structure resembles a quadrangle courtyard with a style similar to the Grand View Garden. The huge Bagua in the center makes me think of scenes of hermits practicing in the mountains.

Niujiaotuo Station

There are many people fishing and walking here. It is a very quiet place, but it also has the charm of the city.