The favorite nightclubs and bars of Chinese in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles, known for its star-studded glamour, has a vibrant and extravagant nightlife. Every time we see paparazzi photos taken at nightclubs, we are amazed to discover that our regular hangouts are often frequented by celebrities. The idol we have long admired may be just around the corner. Anything can happen in LA, and you might just bump into Leonardo DiCaprio flirting at the dance floor or see Lindsay Lohan getting kicked out by security after getting too drunk.

Create Nightclub

No need for me to say more, Los Angeles locals know that Chinese friends love to go to Create nightclub. The music here is mainly EDM, and sometimes famous DJs will perform. Witnesses have seen Kris Wu and Wang Sicong here, it seems that even national heartthrobs like to come here to have fun.

Lure Nightclub

The popular nightclub Lure, which is also frequented by celebrities and socialites, is well-known to everyone. The controversial heiress Paris Hilton often hangs out here. There is an artistic statue garden and a lively dance floor with flashing lights, so you never know which TV celebrity you might bump into next.

Project Club LA

Many young people spend their weekends here, even Rihanna, Travis Scott, and Ty Dolla $ign have shot MVs here. On Christmas Eve 2015, when the three were at Project, a drunk man suddenly fired a gun outside, causing a false alarm.

The Sayers Club

The Sayers Club, hidden behind a hot dog stand, attracts many celebrities and elites in Los Angeles. Veteran singer Stevie Wonder, handsome actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and beautiful singer Emmy Rossum may suddenly appear. However, it is a bit challenging to get in, so try to get on the guest list or have a friend bring you.


Boulevard 3, with its stylish decor, exudes an air of private luxury and it's a multi-level nightclub that is also a favorite spot for celebrities to attend events. The incredible duo of former president Clinton and rapper Drake have both attended events here, as have many stars from the show Dancing with the Stars, who have come to dance and party.

Avalon Hollywood & Bardot

The legendary Avalon nightclub is one of Hollywood's historic landmarks. In 1964, The Beatles held their first West Coast concert here. Distinguished figures such as the British heavy metal pioneer Ozzy Osbourne, Adam Lambert who rose to fame through American Idol, and the electronic dance music superstar Hardwell have all appeared at this venue.


Avalon's sister shop, which is classy with a lazy Moroccan style. Paparazzi have captured charming male god Ryan Gosling, Lindsay Lohan with negative news, Martian Bruno Mars, and Korean-American actress Jamie Chung here.

The Viper Room

The legendary music venue located on Sunset Boulevard was once owned by the infamous pirate captain Johnny Depp. On Halloween night in 1993, the then 23-year-old rising star River Phoenix overdosed on drugs here and tragically passed away. Depp happened to be performing on stage at the time. Today, niche rock bands and mainstream musicians occasionally perform here. Besides Depp, Hollywood goddess Angelina Jolie, heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio, and Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston have all visited.
The retro-modern Tower bar in the Sunset Tower Hotel is popular among celebrities. Former Spider-Man couple Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield once had a date here. While sipping on a classic, strong Manhattan, you might even spot Jennifer Aniston and husband Justin Theroux walking in (if they are still together).
The Abbey, hailed as LA's top gay bar, boasts a nightly scene of handsome guys and hot girls dancing. Celebrities such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Zac Efron love to frequent the club, and even presidential candidate Hillary has held a campaign event there. Unfortunately, sexy model and actress Jaime Pressly was caught on camera drunk and urinating outside the club. Looks like the nights at The Abbey can get pretty wild.


Famous rooftop bars often have celebrity parties, even rock god Marilyn Manson has attended an after party like an ordinary person. Freshly minted Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio, supermodel Cindy Crawford, and celebrity designer Nicole Richie have also appeared.