Chongqing's surrounding must-visit ancient towns inventory, come and collect them

It is well known that Chongqing is a mountain city. Visitors to Chongqing come to experience the magic of this city. Chongqing not only has many delicious dishes, but also the beauty of ancient towns that make people linger. If you also have a fondness for ancient towns, you can go to these ancient towns to experience the simple years and the tranquil Baju style.

The buildings in Zhongshan Ancient Town are constructed along the water, featuring many buildings in the style of overhanging houses. The entire ancient town is covered in tiled roofs, red-painted wooden boards, bamboo and wicker walls, with pillars supporting the structure. It is a great place to experience the charm of Ba-Shu culture.
Han Tomb Group, Baisha Film and Television Base, Baisha Ancient Town overlook the Yangtze River to the north and lean against the mountains to the south, leaving behind numerous traditional homes from the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China, as well as some temples and Western-style mansions. The winding paths of bluestone lead to hidden paradises in the depths of the alleyways.
The natural and serene water scenery, profound and rustic cultural heritage. The ancient salt-tea trade route, built during the Western Han Dynasty, passes through picturesque sites such as Taiping Ferry, Pipa Ancient Village, Zhentei Archway, stone carvings on cliffs, and exquisite relief wood carvings, leaving visitors in awe. Sichuan opera storytelling, dragon lantern lion dance, suona calligraphy and painting, yangko waist drums will surely bring you joy and applause.
Songgai Ancient Town is a historical and cultural town located in Chongqing City, on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. It is situated along the Yangtze River and features Songgang Mountain, named after water. Its unique landscape and urban composition create the distinctive living characteristics of "one famous ancient town, ten miles of old streets, a hundred years of history, a thousand years of culture, and the Yangtze River for thousands of miles".

Gongtan Ancient Town

Wujiang East Bank, located at the confluence of Wujiang and Apeng Rivers, Gongtan Ancient Town is a town with a history of over 1700 years. Connected by bluestone streets, the town has a serene and beautiful ambiance. Along the streets are wooden hanging buildings with ancient charm and towering cliffs. The town is also adorned with legendary buildings such as Jinxiu Tower, Weaving Girl Tower, and Yuan-Yang Tower, adding a touch of mystery. Other attractions include the Xia Family Courtyard, Dong Family Ancestral Hall, Giant Staircase, Carp Jumping over Dragon Gate, and Yongding Old Residence, all worth a visit. Gongtan Ancient Town is an ideal destination for exploring its rustic and unique beauty.