How beautiful is Yili, you will know after visiting these attractions

Someone said that if you haven't been to Ili, it's like you haven't been to Xinjiang, and the reason is that Ili is truly beautiful. So how beautiful is Ili? You will know after seeing these several attractions.

Duku Highway

The Karakoram Highway, also known as the KKH, offers scenic views all year round. One popular pose for tourists is to take photos in short-sleeved shirts with snow walls as the backdrop. However, the road is only open from early June to the end of September, and there may be temporary traffic controls during periods of severe weather. This means not everyone is fortunate enough to travel on this treacherous road. Built by soldiers over a span of 9 years, the KKH runs alongside mountains and rivers. Unfortunately, 168 soldiers sacrificed their lives due to avalanches or mudslides during the construction. Along the way, travelers will pass the Jia'erma Martyrs Memorial to pay tribute to these soldiers.
It is a highway from Yining to Zhosu, known for its scenic beauty. The total length is 120 kilometers, and it is lined with mountains and famous for its White Stone Peak. There are parking lots at the foot of the mountain and herders' homes on the mountainside, where you can have milk tea and barbecue.

Lake Saiful Muluk

The Blue Tears of the Atlantic can be used to metaphorically describe Sayram Lake. Sayram Lake is nestled in the grassland, and in the blooming summer, there are cows and sheep everywhere, surrounded by vast green carpets. Sayram Lake has now become a base for cold-water fish farming, and the dried cold-water fish they process at the entrance of the scenic area tastes good. It is said that Sayram Lake is like a cold-hearted girl, even in summer, there is a slight coolness, but it does not hinder the appreciation of her beauty. June and July are the best viewing seasons, with the most blooming mountain flowers during these two months.

Nalati grassland

Translated into English: Divided into valley grassland and sky grassland, with the sky grassland being the most beautiful. In 2005, it was selected as one of the six most beautiful grasslands in China by the National Geographic Magazine of China. It is also the grassland with the highest concentration of Kazakhs and hosts many enjoyable grassland events every summer.

Karajun grassland

The beautiful human body grassland is a favorite of photography enthusiasts. This is the location of the ancient West Region Wusun Kingdom, the largest country in ancient China, and also the ancient Chinese horse racing field. The Tekesu County where it is located is also the only place in ancient China where the culture of the Book of Changes and the grassland culture blend. The county town of Tekes is known as the Bagua Small City, and there is a sightseeing tower in the city center, which you can visit if you have time.
Some people like Shatuo because it has a long history. It has a famous Shatuo Gorge, also known as the Tang Monk Ancient Road, the most treacherous section of the ancient Silk Road. When you come to Xinjiang, you can't imagine the dreams and superhuman perseverance Xuanzang had at that time, from Dunhuang to Hami, from the northern to the southern Xinjiang, finally arriving at the holy land for the scriptures. This grassland is ancient and simple, with a 30-kilometer hot spring near the mountain, which has good health benefits.

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