Guide to Lesser-known Tourist Attractions in Yili, come and bookmark!

In recent years, there have been more and more people traveling to Xinjiang, traveling to Yili, but besides those well-known tourist attractions, in fact, there are many niche attractions here worth visiting.

Anjihe Grand Canyon

Overlooking the entire canyon, it is colorful like an abstract painting. Currently, only a few geologists, photographers, and outdoor enthusiasts are paying attention to it. It is quite dangerous to shoot here, as standing on the mountaintop and looking down into the valley can be quite thrilling.
Walk in the vast forest, with lush green Tian Shan valleys, surrounded by the beautiful and abundant Ili River, but you can experience the remote and magnificent beauty of the Silk Road camel bells in the desert of Tuokai County, Huocheng. The development here is well-rounded, with various amusement facilities: cliff swings, sand slides, mazes, racing cars, and four-wheel drive vehicles, but there are not many tourists, most of whom are local tourists in Xinjiang.

Kurdning Scenic Area

Located in the southeastern mountainous area of Gongliu County, approximately 88 kilometers from the county town. Unique to this area is that while most of Ili's grassland scenic areas are river valleys oriented from east to west, this place features a north-south oriented wide valley, with a length of about 14 kilometers and a width of about 1 kilometer. The average elevation of the valley floor is 1500 meters above sea level. Kürdening, in Kazakh language, means "transverse gorge". The unique north-south orientation of Kürdening makes it warm in winter and cool in summer, with a pleasant climate throughout the four seasons. Therefore, Kürdening is not only a famous scenic area in Ili, but also a popular summer resort, attracting an increasing number of domestic and foreign tourists with its beautiful Jiangnan mountain village and spectacular grassland scenery.

Tex County

At this point, your first thought might be, "This is a great business street." Actually, it's not like that. With the Kazakh, Han, Hui, Uyghur, Mongolian, and Kyrgyz ethnic groups as the main body, the original residential houses and courtyards are preserved to the maximum extent. Under the premise of unchanged residential functions and neighborhood structure, it gradually transforms into a tourist service, forming a multi-ethnic cultural street that integrates tourist accommodation, dining, and ethnic specialty products.

Kara-jun Grassland

Due to the desire to appreciate the grassland scenery, many people come to Ili, and Naraty Grassland, as one of the most famous grasslands in Xinjiang, attracts thousands of tourists every year. After queuing at the ticket office and taking the shuttle, you may be a little disappointed because there are too many tourists and the grassland here is not as good as a few years ago... Karajun, as a gradually developing scenic area in the past two years, has good grassland quality and a large area. Besides enjoying the rolling waves of grassland scenery, you can also appreciate the spectacular canyon views.