Urumqi Metro Line 1 food recommendations along the way

After the opening of Urumqi Metro, many foodies will go to unlock the food along the line. Today, we have sorted out the food of Urumqi Metro Line 1 for everyone to see.

Miraji Restaurant

Miraji is the most popular restaurant in Urumqi. "Miraji" means "step by step" in Uyghur. The owner is from Artux. The interior decoration is exquisite and upscale, with distinct Muslim characteristics. Although the dishes are relatively expensive, the taste, presentation, and service are all top-notch.

Dilixiati grabs the meal

The rice here combines the flavors of meat and rice, it is delicious and not greasy. The jelly noodles are sweet and sour, the more you eat, the more you will enjoy its taste. The service is enthusiastic and the prices are reasonable.

Bamboo Creek No.1 Gourmet Village

This is a restaurant in the hotel, but the taste is quite good. The dishes and the environment are very nice, and there are many returning customers. The only drawback is that there are fewer service staff, so you need to call a waiter to order.

Original Sports Arena Hasmukh BBQ Shop

How can you come to Urumqi without eating barbecue? This is a well-known old restaurant with good taste and affordable prices. In the evening, have a naan, a few skewers of lamb kebab, and a bottle of Wusu, it's absolutely wonderful.

Xibe-style Ani mother's dish

This is a unique ethnic restaurant with delicious and affordable dishes. The traditional Xibe lamb offal, Xibe pancake, Xibe spicy sauce flower cabbage, and Xibe potato slices are all excellent.