For food, I am willing to live in Yining!

Yining, the capital of Ili, is a place with many delicious foods. It is worth visiting for people who love Northwest cuisine. Today, let's take a look at some of the must-try delicacies.

Hunren Street, Mama's Agi Restaurant

There are dozens of different types of noodles in Xinjiang, and the most popular one is the oil-braised meat noodles. Originating from Shanxi, the oil-braised meat has been integrated with Xinjiang's flavors, adding tomatoes and onions, creating a unique taste that complements the noodles perfectly. The noodles at Mamaiti Ajizai Restaurant in Hanren Street are highly recommended and worth a visit.

Hometown barbecue restaurant

The old restaurant, Gu Xiang Kao Rou, near Xin Hua Bookstore, leans towards the style of Southern Xinjiang. It's always packed with locals every time I go. There's no menu, just a plate of skewers and a naan bread to eat your fill. The taste is also very good.

Aili Barbecue in the countryside

A place that specializes in eating Hongliu roast meat, there is a restaurant called "Ailiba Farm Barbecue" on Guangming Street. It costs 5 yuan per skewer and the taste is pretty good.

One eats delicious noodles and lungs

There is always a "dark cuisine" that locals love and outsiders hate in every place, and in Yining, it is none other than the noodle lungs. But once you try it, you will fall in love with it.

Aishajiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

There are many varieties of baozi in Xinjiang, including thin-skinned baozi and pan-fried baozi, but my favorite is the roasted baozi. It is filled with a mixture of half fat and half lean lamb meat, wrapped like a folded paper, and grilled against the wall of the oven. The freshly roasted baozi tastes amazing!

E nina Ren fast food restaurant

Na Ren is a type of noodles loved by Kazakh herders, similar to hand-pulled lamb noodles. It may not sound special, but it is considered a delicacy among herders.