Yili grassland strategy! Come here, it's all about visiting these grasslands

The scenery in Ili is so beautiful, it goes without saying. But the most important thing when coming here is to experience the vast grasslands.

Zhao Su rapeseed flower grassland

Zhaosu is the only county in Xinjiang without a desert. It is mainly covered with mountains, rivers, forests, and farmland, with the rest being grasslands. Zhaosu has an area of over 10,000 square kilometers and is one of the four major grasslands in China. No wonder the local people always proudly say, "When you come back to Zhaosu, you must see the grassland." Zhaosu grassland is the largest producer of rapeseed flowers and in July every year, the rapeseed flowers and perilla create a beautiful scenery, making Zhaosu a colorful paradise.

Kara-jun grassland

The Karajun grassland located in Tekes County, Yili River Valley, Xinjiang, is a transition zone from the Western Tianshan Mountains to the Yili River Valley. It has abundant rainfall, a cool climate, and fertile soil, making it perfect for growing high-quality pasture. It is home to hundreds of plant species. Karajun, meaning "King of the Grassland" in Kazakh, is gentle and beautiful, with vast grasslands that can be seen every year. The people here live the happiest lives! However, every beautiful place has its own story. Karajun also has its own story. It is hard to imagine that this land was once the place of the largest nomadic kingdom in the Western Regions, the Wusun Kingdom, and the largest ancient horse racing ground in the Western Regions, Khan Grassland. It was also the place where the most nomadic tribes with royal tents resided.

Narat Grassland

Nalati Grassland, also known as "Gongnaise Grassland" in Turkic, means "White Yang Slope". It is located in the eastern part of Nalati Town, Xinyuan County, about 70 kilometers away from Yili Xinyuan County, on the northern slope of Nalati Mountain. It is a grassland grown on the third geological stratum. It has a vast grassland with an attractive name, as if the sky and the grassland are closely connected. Being in it, you will feel its fame is well-deserved. It is like a boundless expanse, with endless wildflowers and yurts scattered like cow and sheep on small hills. A large area of lush green grass, at an altitude of nearly 3,000 meters, it is as flat as a mirror, as vast as the sky and the sea.

Bayinbuluke Grassland

The Bayinbuluke grassland, which means "fountain of abundance" in Mongolian, is vast and spectacular, surrounded by snowy mountains. Many people are interested in this grassland because of the popular movie "Pegasus" released earlier this year. The roaring wind, the setting sun, the green grass, the cattle and sheep, and the cheerful shutter sound bring a refreshing and delightful experience.