Recommendations for family activities in Las Vegas

Today, I have prepared a relaxing and enjoyable Vegas long weekend trip for all the moms and dads out there. It's designed to make both adults and kids happy, with activities that are both entertaining and educational. You can have a fun-filled trip with your whole family without breaking the bank and create wonderful travel memories! (P.S. This article focuses on families with children under the age of 21, so you won't find any gambling, bar, or nightclub itineraries here. The activities and dining options are also budget-friendly to lighten the burden on parents.)

Eldorado Canyon Mine Tours

This long weekend trip starts with a mining history tour! The Techatticup Mine is the oldest and highest-grade gold mine in southern Nevada, mining from 1861 to 1942. Come to this historic town to experience the mining heyday and take a mining tour, exploring the mine tunnels and listening to the tour guides telling stories of history, even adults will be amazed by this hidden gem activity.

200 Convention Center Dr

This activity is loved by all children. After wearing appropriate equipment, they can fly and even perform aerial tricks like flips and twists under the guidance of professional coaches. Parents can also fly with their children for a safe and unique flying experience that will leave a lasting impression on your little ones!

The Blue Man Group

There is no dialogue in the entire performance, only percussion music, subtitles, laughter, and three Blue Men! The Blue Man Group can be considered the most age-inclusive art performance, with the Blue Men's percussion music and humorous body language, as well as stunning audio-visual effects and interactive surprises. It not only makes children happy, but also provides entertainment for adults.
After sleeping in and waking up naturally, head over to The Buffet at Wynn hotel, which recently reopened! With over a hundred dishes of seafood, meat, and desserts (including a giant chocolate fountain), there's something for everyone, adults and kids alike. Plus, the colorful flower decorations and sunlight streaming in from above make for a serene and dreamy atmosphere. Enjoy a leisurely and rush-free brunch here!

Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Who can resist a magic show? Funny and witty Mac King is sure to make your whole family gasp in disbelief and laugh out loud at the same time! It's also one of the cheapest shows in Vegas, and definitely worth it for the whole family to enjoy together.

Sprinkles Cupcake

After the show, head to Sprinkles to get a cupcake or ice cream sandwich. I personally recommend the Lemon Meringue flavor, with a tangy lemon filling and fluffy marshmallow topping that isn't too sweet. The ice cream is also a great way to cool off. Next to the store, there's a fun cupcake ATM where kids can try their own hand at getting a sweet treat!

The Flamingo Pool

If the weather isn't too cold, the Flamingo Hotel has a children's exclusive swimming pool, so you don't have to worry about your baby being pushed around by other adults who are playing too hard or entering a pool that is too deep. The attached safety water slide can also keep children playing non-stop, while you can sit next to them and take care of them while enjoying a drink. You can also take your children to see the hotel's wildlife area, in addition to the well-known red-crowned cranes, there are more than a hundred species of birds, turtles, and fish for educational and entertainment purposes.
If your kids are older, you can go to Mandalay Bay hotel pool when the weather is hot. Here you can enjoy the super high artificial waves and lazy river, and parents can also order a drink to relax. After playing in the water, you can also visit the shark aquarium here, walk through the underwater tunnel, and admire more than a hundred sharks swimming above your head at close range.
Babies, have you not had enough electricity yet? Then come and take a stroll here. The indoor shopping space with a strong Roman architectural style, fountains and statues will amaze children, and there are also major boutique brands that moms love. Everyone can get what they need.
Bring your children to Vegas, and of course you can't miss the oversized M&M store, Coca-Cola store, and Hershey's chocolate store here! M&M has a free 3D theater and many M&M exhibits, and the Coca-Cola store has a giant polar bear that comes out to greet guests. Children can also taste different flavors of Coca-Cola! These three stores are very concentrated and are very suitable for taking children to eat and shop and take pictures.

New York-New York Hotel

There is an amusement park on the second floor of the New York-New York Hotel, which gathers various types of games to help you consume your child's endless energy. Not satisfied yet? There is also a big apple roller coaster here that can make the whole family scream in excitement along the Vegas skyline.