Qinghai Haixi, a famous gourmet restaurant, count them one by one

The vast desert and expansive grasslands outline the wildness and magnificence of the western sea, making the sky and earth here appear more naturally pure, which is delightful.

Delicious beef bone soup from Delingha Hebin

Address: No.4 Xinyuan Road. Delicious beef soup, carefully simmered for hours, very tasty.

Roasted lamb by Lao Yan

Been eating at the same restaurant for several years, good location, Lao Yan's family is one of the most popular restaurants in Delingha.

Yak bone tonic in Cha family

Address: Tianjun West Road, Delingha City, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Highly recommend trying this restaurant if you have the chance. Their beef bone soup is extremely delicious and satisfying when paired with meat and a large pancake. Definitely worth a try!

Dachaidan Linxia Restaurant

Address: Tuanjie Road, Haixi Mongolian-Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, near Ziyuan Motorcycle Repair Shop. The taste is that of the local people in the western region.

Kelimu BBQ Kang Pot Shop

Address: Building 2, Wanhe Wanyue Hotel, Chuangxin Street, Dachaidan Administrative Committee, Dachaidan. The beef and mutton hotpot here is 65 yuan/kg, cheaper than Hemahu, and it tastes great, especially the potato slices, unforgettable. We ordered two kilograms for six people, it's better to order one kilogram first, and then order another kilogram after finishing it. The free herbal tea provided by the restaurant is good, it helps relieve fatigue and altitude sickness.