Overview of New York's Secret Speakeasy Bars

Secret bars in New York City have always maintained their enthusiasm for staying at the forefront of fashion in this trendy metropolis. Whether during the Prohibition era in the 1920s or now, despite alcohol being legal, people still enjoy the vintage decor and mysterious atmosphere of these secret bars. These hidden speakeasies can be found in various corners of the city, but you won't discover their secret passages without some exploration. Let's see which speakeasies in New York City have the most style!

At West 17th Street, you'll see an unnamed stairwell that leads you into the entrance of Raines Law Room. Ring the doorbell and wait for someone to guide you into a retro-themed bar. Inside, the decor is furnished with vintage sofas and curtains, and classic music from the 1920s plays in the background. When you're ready to order a drink, simply pull the lamp next to you and a server will come to take your order.
A highly popular secret bar that is so popular that it's no longer really a secret. You can already see a long queue of people waiting to get in at the door. The atmosphere inside the bar is lively, with everyone usually talking and laughing quite loudly. The drinks here are carefully crafted, from smoky Manhattans to Earl Grey tea cocktails.

Please Don't Tell

The bar space is small, and it feels very private. It really has the atmosphere of drinking secretly in an underground bar. When you come here, you should try to sit at the bar because the bartender will give you an unforgettable experience. Many of the cocktail ingredients here are a mystery, but after being specially processed by the bartender, the unique taste is unforgettable.

Bar Centrale

You may often pass by this bar, but never realize the hidden mysterious side behind it. Its appearance is like any ordinary brown sandstone apartment in New York, not conspicuous, but when you step inside, you will find a comfortable and secluded bar space. It is recommended to make reservations in advance, and if you come after a Broadway show, you may even see a Broadway actor here!

67 Orange Street

67 Orange St bar is hidden behind thick and mysterious curtains, offering a variety of drinks from cocktails to champagne. The recommended dishes here are the lobster mac and cheese and chicken bites, both of which make great accompaniments to your drinks!

B Flat

Looking for a black door labeled "277"? That's where you'll find B Flat Bar, located downstairs. On Mondays, you can enjoy live jazz performances, and on Wednesdays, they serve a tasty Teriyaki burger with a blend of American and Japanese flavors, along with a variety of whiskies.

Fig. 19

"It is located inside the art gallery Envoy Enterprises, and its simple door is often overlooked. But don't underestimate it, as once inside, you will find two large crystal chandeliers that are very luxurious. They use seasonal ingredients that are very fresh, such as mint, rose, ginger, dragon spruce, and lavender, but the menu often changes."

Employees Only

This Speakeasy has branches in many other cities, even in Hong Kong. The bar atmosphere is very lively, and special events are often held here, often packed with people. Although the drinks are complete and the cocktails are creative, don't overlook the specialty dishes here. The cheesecake is a must-try, and the Bone Marrow, pasta and steak will not disappoint.


This is a secret bar without a drinks menu. You can tell the bartender your preferred taste or type of alcohol, and they will create a custom cocktail for you. Look for a window with a neon "A" sign, and when you find the entrance, the door will have a sign that says "AB 134".
This is a primitive secret bar during the Prohibition period, which has been here for over 80 years. Their drinks are served in teacups and beer bottles are kept in paper bags. Take a ride on the time machine and experience the Prohibition era of the 1920s. Look for a sign that reads "Lower East Side Toy Company" and enter the door to find the bar downstairs.
Who would have thought that there would be a secret bar in a coffee shop? When you take a closer look at Stone Street Coffee Company, you'll discover a hidden bar inside, with dim lighting but a cozy atmosphere. The old-fashioned design and bathtub are features of this place. On Tuesday, there are funny song and dance performances that are very popular. This shop will soon be opening a branch in Los Angeles, which shows how popular it is.
From the interior decoration to the names of the drinks, you will find that this secret bar is surrounded by a theme of chemists. More than 250 cocktails are named with chemical terminology, such as "Pain Killer". But don't be intimidated by the bartenders in lab coats, their cocktails are actually very unique and look very impressive.

Death & Company

Although it's a secret bar, its reputation spreads far and wide, thanks to its perfectly crafted cocktails! The bar is quite popular, so expect a bit of a wait. Look for the iron "Death & Co." sign on 6th Street, and find the wooden door that almost looks like a sealed window.