The best places in New York for selfies

Metropolitan New York, a city that New Yorkers take pride in and people from all over the world long for. There is no shortage of selfie spots that can capture that iconic New York feel. In this article, let's introduce some of the popular selfie spots that most people would love to visit.

Rockefeller Center Top

Compared with the highly enclosed observation deck of the Empire State Building, the observation deck of the Rockefeller Building with lower railings obviously allows for a more satisfying selfie, and it is also easy to capture the Empire State Building in the lens.
The Rockefeller Center is a complex of buildings located across from St. Patrick's Cathedral, funded and built by the Rockefeller family. Today, it consists of 19 large buildings with interconnected lower levels. The Top of the Rock is an observation deck located on the top floor of the main building, offering visitors a stunning view of Manhattan's beautiful scenery.
Times Square, located in Manhattan, New York City, is known as the "crossroads of the world". It is situated at the intersection of West 42nd Street and Broadway Avenue. Nearly 40 shopping malls and theaters are gathered around it, making it a prosperous entertainment and shopping center. Times Square is the only area within zoning regulations that requires property owners to hang eye-catching advertising boards, including various advertisements and promotional boards. In addition, Times Square is also the live broadcast location for the popular American TV show "Good Morning, America."
New York Central Station is located in the center of Manhattan and was completed in 1903. It officially opened to the public on February 2, 1913. This building is an iconic landmark and transportation hub in New York, as well as a public art gallery. Its high-ceilinged waiting hall and separate areas for people and cars make a deep impression. In the waiting hall, the main staircase is designed in the style of the Paris Opera House, and the arched ceiling is painted by French artist Paul Helleu, depicting the 12 zodiac signs with over 2,500 stars whose positions are marked by lights. With just one power source, the entire waiting hall can light up in a dazzling manner.
One of the most famous buildings in New York City, the Flatiron Building was completed in 1902 and was one of the tallest buildings at the time. Its unique flatiron shape makes it hard to miss and a popular spot for tourists to take photos. The building features Beaux-Arts architectural style with its façade separated into three parts that vertically extend upwards resembling classical Greek columns. If you visit New York, you can't miss the spectacular view of this building.

Metropolitan Museum Roof

The rooftop garden on the fifth floor of the Metropolitan Museum of Art offers a lush central park scene surrounded by a real forest of steel.
The Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, was built in 1883 and serves as an important connection between Manhattan and Brooklyn. It is also one of the most iconic landmarks in New York City. With a length of 1,834 meters and a height of 41 meters above water, the bridge is supported by thousands of steel cables and was the longest suspension bridge in the world at the time of its construction. It is considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world for its technological innovation during the industrial revolution. To commemorate its centennial anniversary, the United States issued a 20-cent commemorative stamp featuring the bridge's grandeur and style. In addition, modern American poet Hart Crane wrote a long poem titled "The Bridge" about the Brooklyn Bridge.

Bista Fountain in Central Park

The Bethesda Fountain is the centerpiece of Central Park and has appeared in many film and television productions, such as The Avengers and Doctor Who, and is a must-visit spot for fans to take selfies and snap pictures.