"New York Movie Lover's Journey"

New York is the largest financial, commercial, trade, and cultural center in the United States. Countless movies and TV productions have been filmed here. Now, we have selected several iconic filming locations from popular movies and TV shows to create a scenic exploration route.

Greenwich Village is located in the western part of New York City and is a place where cultural workers such as writers and artists are concentrated. It represents a lifestyle different from traditional culture and is a representative of American counterculture. As early as around 1910, Greenwich Village began to form, gathering a large number of art workers, idealists, and union activists whose behavior was eccentric and incompatible with secular norms. After the war, Greenwich Village became an important source of modern American thought. Greenwich Village, also known as the West Village, its main bustling area is located at 6th Avenue, 7th Avenue, Hudson Street, W.4th Street, and Bleeker Street. The famous American TV series "Friends" was filmed here.
Washington Square is located between the trendy, free-spirited neighborhoods of Greenwich Village and the East Village in New York City. Since the establishment of the square, Greenwich Village has become a home to many writers and artists, while the East Village has become a hub for the punk scene and experimental theater. Within a mile radius centered around Washington Square, there are many coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and jazz clubs to satisfy your taste. The most prominent feature of the square is a marble arch built to mark the 100th anniversary of George Washington's inauguration. The original arch was built in 1889 and was later replaced with a new marble arch designed by Stanford White in 1892. On either side of the arch stand statues of Washington, with the peaceful Washington on the right and the wartime Washington on the left. These two statues were added in 1918 and 1916, respectively.
One of the most famous buildings in New York City, the Flatiron Building was completed in 1902 and was one of the tallest buildings at the time. Its unique flatiron shape makes it hard to miss and a popular spot for tourists to take photos. The building features Beaux-Arts architectural style with its façade separated into three parts that vertically extend upwards resembling classical Greek columns. If you visit New York, you can't miss the spectacular view of this building.
The New York Public Library (NYPL) is a famous public library in the United States, providing reading and learning resources for residents of New York City. Its headquarters are located on Fifth Avenue, with a main building that spans two city blocks and is adorned with magnificent sculptures and lavish interiors. The library's collection particularly emphasizes humanities and sciences. Notably, the library houses valuable documents such as the Gutenberg Bible and Newton's Principia Mathematica. In addition to the headquarters, the Brooklyn Public Library and Queens Library are also important public library systems in New York City.
The Empire State Building is one of the iconic buildings in New York City, with a total of 102 floors. It was designed by the architecture firm Shreeve, Lamb and Harmon, and construction began in 1930, taking only 410 days to complete before its opening in 1931. Its name, Empire State, comes from the nickname of the state of New York. On clear days, visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views of New York City from the observation decks on the 86th and 102nd floors.

Lincoln Center for Performing Arts

Lincoln Center is a collection of performance venues and one of the largest artistic venues in the world. Lincoln Center is primarily composed of three theatres surrounding the Fountain Plaza: the New York State Theater, the Metropolitan Opera House, and the Avery Fisher Hall, as well as the west side's Josie Robertson Plaza, the east side's New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, the Juilliard School, and the Alice Tully Hall.