Winter ski resorts in California, USA

The skiing season in California runs from November to February each year. As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, friends who have no plans for long trips may consider visiting the snow during the holidays. Today, we have prepared a detailed map of the best skiing destinations in California. Get ready, challenge yourself, and enjoy the fun of ice and snow!

Snow Summit Ski Resort

Snow Summit is a famous ski resort in Big Bear Lake. It is about a 1-2 hour drive from Los Angeles, and it is easy to drive here to ski. The ski resort was founded in 1948 and is the first generation of family-friendly ski resorts in southern California. The ski resort occupies 240 acres and is suitable for skiing (double board) or snowboarding (single board). There are also skiing courses and equipment rentals suitable for adults and children, so novices who ski for the first time don't have to worry. Birthday celebrants can receive a free Lift Ticket cable car ticket on their birthday!

Mt. Baldy Resort

This is the highest peak in Los Angeles County, Southern California, which is not only suitable for hiking, but also attracts many tourists for skiing in winter. However, in recent years, many accidents of outdoor adventurers tragically dying in Mt. Baldy have been reported in the news, so everyone must pay attention to safety. The ski resort is not too big, with only four cable cars and 26 ski trails. Both snowboarding and skiing are available, but many people say that snowboarding is better here, although both are fine. From the peak, you can also enjoy the stunning view of the Los Angeles Basin. Skiing equipment can be rented on site, and in addition to winter skiing and hiking, there are also outdoor activities such as ziplining, disc golf, and mountain biking in other seasons.

Mountain High Resort

Located in the north of the San Gabriel Valley, Mountain High ski resort, just an hour's drive from Los Angeles, attracts many residents of Los Angeles to come skiing every year. The resort cannot be compared with large ski resorts like Mammoth or Tahoe in terms of scale and equipment, but its convenient location allows visitors to come and go as they please. Mountain High actually has three ski resorts, West Resort, East Resort, and North Resort, and the purchased cable car tickets are interchangeable for all three. The largest ski resort is West Resort, with nearly 10 cable cars and more than 30 ski runs. All three ski resorts offer teaching and rental services, and there are restaurants and shopping areas nearby. Free shuttle buses can take you to various locations. Birthday celebrants can also enjoy a free Lift Ticket on their special day.

Tahoe Donner Cabin with Alpine Views and Hot Tub

Although not widely known, Tahoe Donner has been in operation for 38 years, relying solely on natural snow with no snow-making equipment. The longest run is 1 mile, with a 4-person and 2-person chairlift, as well as two surface lifts. Tahoe Donner's slogan is "Best Place to Begin," indicating that it's a great place for beginners with a variety of teaching methods available.

Boreal Mountain Resort

Boreal Ski Resort is located near Lake Tahoe in northern California, just off Highway 80. It is one of the earliest ski resorts to open around Lake Tahoe each year and offers 380 acres of skiable terrain with an average annual snowfall of 1016cm. Family skiing is one of Boreal's main attractions, offering a variety of ski runs for skiers of all levels. The slopes are generally easy and not too long, making them perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers.

Mt. Rose

The ski resort is divided into four terrains: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. The expert terrain includes some of the most challenging runs in the Taohua Lake area, such as the triple-black-diamond slope. These nearly-vertical runs are a great challenge even for the best skiers, but each level of skier can safely enjoy the skiing experience.

Northstar California Resort

NorthStar is located in the north of Lake Tahoe, south of Truckee town. Initially catering to beginners and advanced skiers, it has become the most luxurious and high-end resort in the Lake Tahoe region, with long ski trails, fast cable cars, exquisite restaurants, and five-star hotels, and a popular skiing destination for families in North America. Although there are no Double-Black level ski trails, there are plenty of half-pipe areas and children's playgrounds. It is also ranked fifth in the family skiing category by SKI Magazine in the United States.

Ski resort in Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley was once the host of the 1960 Winter Olympics and has since become one of the most coveted ski resorts in the world. However, what I find most interesting is that people like to translate it as "Wife Valley". The snow-capped mountains here reach a height of 2758 meters, with over 4000 acres of ski terrain, 70% of which consists of wide-open slopes and meticulously groomed ski trails, perfect for beginners and intermediate-level skiers.

Homewood Mountain Resort

Homewood is the nearest ski resort to Lake Tahoe, located 5 miles south of Tahoe City and 19 miles north of South Lake Tahoe. It features charming woodland skiing and is a pure natural skiing site that has not been destroyed to this day. Among the 59 ski runs, 15% are for beginners, 35% are for experts, and 50% are suitable for the whole family, making it a great destination for both novice and advanced skiers. It is well-known for its family-friendly entertainment and leisure.

Heavenly Mountain Resort

Heavenly is the only ski resort in the western United States that spans across both California and Nevada. There is an aerial cable car that takes you from downtown to the mountaintop, rising 2.4 miles and stopping at an observation deck at an elevation of 9,123 feet, with a view of Lake Tahoe nearly 3,000 feet below. This is precisely the state line, with California to the left and Nevada to the right, and in front of you is Lake Tahoe, which appears like a huge mirror, breathtaking and impressive.


Can be regarded as the most suitable ski resort for beginners in the west, with various friendly ski trails, 3 leisure areas, a huge half-pipe area and a dedicated "play in the snow" area, allowing you to enjoy various winter sports. Of course, in addition to the beginner ski runs, Sierra-at-Tahoe also has very long race tracks, the longest of which is Sugar N Spice (2.5 miles), and the highest quality forest skiing experience in the local area, it is definitely a paradise for skiing experts.

Kirkwood Mountain Resort Kirkwood Mountain Resort

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, all your demands for a ski resort can be fulfilled here. Not only that, this place also offers various types of guest rooms, delicious food, and high-quality skiing lessons. For a more exciting experience, you can go to the famous The Wall, which has an extremely steep slope at the beginning and then takes you into an amazing dream world.