Even if you have to line up, you should visit the specialty stores in Yinchuan

As the capital city of Ningxia, Yinchuan naturally has many unique local delicacies. Today, I will introduce some Yinchuan specialty small shops that are worth queuing for.

Da Lang Charcoal-Grilled Fresh Beef & Sake Bar

Recommend the signature dish in the store, Freshly sliced yellow beef with a quick knife, the meat is tender and reddish when served, ready to eat in about 10 seconds, the texture of the cooked meat is still clear. Dark rice balls, combining purple rice and black rice to make a hornet's nest shape, poured with burning alcohol to create a flaming effect, very stunning. The Big Wave Three Treasures in the store are also worth recommending, composed of beef tongue, beef ribs, and chicken wings with corn, shiitake mushrooms, and mushrooms, under the rendering of dry ice, it will present a kind of fairyland feeling.

Roasted durian

You can tell from the simple and direct store name that this store specializes in durian, just like the slogan inside the store. It's a store that makes durian lovers scream, and the air inside is filled with the aroma of durian.

Log cabin bibimbap

Mainly serving various Korean-style casual meals. Recommended specialty stone pot mixed rice in the restaurant, tastes great. If the stone pot mixed rice is not enough, try the Korean-style soybean paste stew, which is a traditional Korean flavor, light and rich in vegetables.

Yuwaiyuan Spicy Soup Breakfast Shop

Round pepper soup shops are not common in Yinchuan, but this one is definitely very good. There are many people during breakfast hours, some of them come here specifically for it, but most are probably residents from nearby neighborhoods.