A list of featured restaurants in Yinchuan, come and save it

What are some characteristic restaurants in Yinchuan, a must-visit place for tourism in Ningxia? Let's take a look together.

Wu Liu Village

It can be said to be the most cozy courtyard in Yinchuan, with its own backyard. It is very suitable for spending time with friends and loved ones here on weekends. The environment is very good and comfortable, the dishes are exquisite, and there are many options for drinks in the restaurant. Overall, the cost performance is high.

Hai Di Lao hotpot

This is the most popular restaurant in the Xixia District. The biggest highlight is the "flying hot pot"! The pot has a nine-grid layout, with a dual-flavor pot, from clear broth to mushroom broth, to mild spicy, medium spicy, numbing spicy, extra spicy, and extreme spicy... The condiment station has a wide variety. The dishes are all fresh and worth a visit.

98K Club

Many young people like to come here. There are lively singers performing live every night, creating a great atmosphere. The bar not only offers a wide variety of bottled drinks, but also features a selection of custom-made cocktails prepared by the bartender on the spot. These cocktails are unique in both appearance and taste, and there are also many delicious foods to try.

Spicy paste

The beef hotpot here is very appealing, with flavorful chunks of beef, beef bones, shrimp, and various vegetables. It is served simmering, which is very appetizing. The spicy sauce from the restaurant looks different from regular spicy sauce, and the selection of vegetables and the charcoal stove for cooking skewers are quite exquisite, much like the utensils in a Japanese dining scene. The base ingredients of the spicy sauce are also different from ordinary dry ingredients.

Xi Shan Laohuoguo

The first Huang Ladeng restaurant in Yinchuan has a very nice environment. I highly recommend the Shancheng Xiangshui Huang Ladeng store. It is a relatively unique and rare eating method in China. After a meal, the stomach is satisfied but still thoughtful. Many people specifically go to his restaurant to eat! The seasoning is poured into the sauce bowl, and the Huang Ladeng dipped in the sauce is very tender and delicious, releasing the fragrance of hot and spicy broth from the mouth. At the same time, the deliciousness of the fish itself is also preserved. This dish is already the star dish in the restaurant, and you can continue to enjoy it after finishing it.

Eyeglass barbecue main store

Glasses Barbecue is one of the oldest inheritors in the Yinchuan barbecue circle. Many people drive specifically to eat their barbecue. Although there is no shortage of barbecue restaurants locally, this shop still attracts many people. All kinds of barbecue are very good and worth a try.

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