A must-try in Yinchuan, recommended Halal specialty restaurants in Yinchuan

There are many delicious halal foods in Yinchuan, and some of them are very unique. Here are a few recommendations for you.

Welcome Building

Many people in Yinchuan have been eating at the Halal restaurant since they were young. They serve authentic Northwest Hui-style lamb and traditional Beijing-style hot pot, which is incredibly delicious. Despite the heat in summer, many guests still come to enjoy hot pot at home. Their homemade ice cream is very popular locally, and many people come to their restaurant just for the ice cream.

Liupan Hong private kitchen

Liu Pan Hong is a famous halal restaurant that originated from Xihai Gu. Their stir-fried noodles are especially famous. Their other noodle dishes are also very delicious, such as Jingyuan potato fish, buckwheat dumplings, Jingyuan potato lazy cake, and hand-cut rolled cake.

Crane Tower

In the local people's reputation, Xianhe Lou is well-known for its lamb dumplings and chicken feet. Every time I go home, I have to buy several portions of chicken feet to slowly savor, it is very delicious.

Strong hand of the country

In Yinchuan, famous places for hand-grabbed meat include Lao Mao, Guoqiang, and Shangling. There are also some other shops that don't specialize in hand-grabbed meat but also sell it. Guoqiang is often chosen for friend gatherings and family meals because the taste is indeed good.

Spring with one heart

The most authentic Muslim restaurant in Yinchuan, a time-honored brand. Nearly everyone who comes to Yinchuan will try their dishes, and it is very popular. The restaurant has been continuously improving its service level as it develops. It offers high cost-performance, large portions of food, and both tourists and local regulars recognize their signature dishes.