Asian Fusion Restaurant in Birmingham

Apart from Balti, Birmingham also offers a wide variety of Asian cuisines. If you're tired of British food, why not try these restaurants to switch up your taste and savor the familiar flavors of Asia?

Tao Yuan is a truly authentic Cantonese restaurant. It's said that they have the best roast duck in the UK. The roast duck rice is highly recommended because the duck is tender and delicious, and goes well with rice without being too filling. Plus, the duck's juices seep into the rice, making the plain rice more flavorful.
Big Wok is a Sichuan cuisine restaurant. We highly recommend the Chengdu-style cold spicy beef, spicy chicken and water-boiled beef. In the summer, we also offer a special dish of cold noodles.
It is said to be a Japanese restaurant in Birmingham opened by Japanese people, similar to a Japanese izakaya. Recommended dishes include curry rice and tempura. If the budget allows, you can also try the hand-held sushi.
Korean cuisine restaurant, the kimchi pancake and spicy tofu soup are both very good, and the classic stone pot mixed rice is worth trying. The price is not expensive and the atmosphere is nice, suitable for chatting with close friends.