List of niche bookstores in London as recommended by our editor

London, full of cultural and artistic atmosphere, is also a paradise for book lovers. Bookstores of all sizes are hidden in the streets and alleys, allowing book lovers to immerse themselves in the sea of books anytime and anywhere. Here are a few niche bookstores recommended by our editor:

John Sandoe Books

John Sandoe retains the old appearance of the bookstore in memory. The first floor sells novels, art, photography, and design. The second floor is mainly for general reading, while the basement displays various types of children's books. You can also find limited edition books here that are privately published.

Lutyens & Rubinstein

As soon as you step into the bookstore, you'll see the eye-catching "Book Claw" and feel like you've entered Harry's magical world. Besides selling all kinds of books, the bookstore also offers small items like jam and stationery.

Word On The Water

Just as its name suggests, this bookstore is "floating" on the water and was adapted from a Dutch vessel from the 20th century. You can often see it on the Regent's Canal. It's truly a wonderful experience to enjoy the evening breeze, listen to some music, and open a good book at sunset.

Persephone Books

The owner of Persephone Books has a great passion for classic literature, so most of the books sold in the shop are classic literary works, some of which are sourced from the second-hand market and some are brought in by readers. The introduction and cover of each book are carefully designed and very appealing. If you want to know how good they look, come and experience them in the shop.

Gosh! Comics

If you love European and American comics, you can't miss Gosh! This store is located in the central area of ​​London's bookstores, hidden many collections of classic European and American comics, such as Krazy Kat, Peter Pan, and Darth Vader. There are even many exclusive signature series for sale, and many comic book releases will also hold signings at Gosh!