London saves your Chinese stomach

When it comes to British food, many people only think of: dark cuisine. Chocolate-covered bananas, chocolate aubergines, stargazing pie... Picky Chinese people may need to "escape" and eat Chinese food to save their Chinese stomachs.

Tang Court, famous for Cantonese cuisine, is definitely one of the most well-known Chinese restaurants in Europe, with a Michelin one-star rating. Although dining there can be a bit expensive, there are set menus available for 2 people at £28.88 on Monday through Thursday afternoons, which is quite a good deal!
My Old Place is a Northeastern Chinese restaurant located in the prime area of London. The food is delicious and portions are generous, but the restaurant is often packed and requires queuing.
This Sichuan-style restaurant has many local Chinese customers. Spicy hotpot is their signature dish, and their boiled fish is also highly recommended.
Beautiful is a high-end Chinese restaurant that specializes in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Cantonese cuisine. Authentic taste, comfortable environment, thoughtful service, and beautiful prices make it worth a try!
Shuiyue Bashan is a Sichuan restaurant located north of Chinatown in the USA. The spicy chicken and stir-fried shredded potatoes are definitely worth trying! However, the restaurant is time-limited, and each table can only dine for an hour and a half.