Sights of the Must-Visit Towns in Lake District

The Lake District is located in the northwest of England, where you can find breathtaking lake and mountain scenery as well as peaceful and idyllic pastoral landscapes. This beautiful paradise has also nurtured many literary figures, including William Wordsworth, the most representative poet of the Lake Poets. If you are planning a trip to the Lake District, these sights in the small towns are not to be missed.

Windermere Lake is one of the largest lakes in England, around 13 miles long, located in the south of the Lake District. Since the 19th century, with the opening of railways, it has become a popular destination for many tourists, and therefore has a strong commercial atmosphere. As the largest lake in the Lake District, Windermere Lake is known for its unique goldeneye ducks and Windermere Char, which are popular with visitors. Windermere Char has a long history dating back to the Ice Age and is an important traditional cuisine in the area. The lake is 17 kilometers long, narrow and long, with charming scenery.

The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction

The Peter Rabbit World Museum is located in the town of Bowness, with 23 lifelike Peter Rabbit simulation scenes inside, as if one is immersed in the world-renowned fairy tale.

Dove Cottage

Grasmere is a popular tourist town in the Lake District, where you can enjoy the essence of pastoral scenery. The well-known Dove Cottage, which was bought by the famous Lake Poet William Wordsworth in 1799, is located here. He completed many romantic works here.

Bridge House

The Bridge House is a landmark building in Ambleside, built on a small stream with a span of only 3-4 meters. There are many stories about it, some say it was built on the bridge to avoid property taxes, while others say it was once inhabited by a man named Chairy Rigg and his family for 8 years.

Derwent Pencil Museum

The Pencil Museum tells the 350-year history of pencil manufacturing. If you buy a box of pencils here, they can print any English sentences you want on them, which is very suitable for souvenirs.
This aquarium has the largest variety of freshwater fish in England, and the architecture itself is also very well-designed, making it very suitable for taking children.