Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Henan, and appreciate the autumn colors of Qingtian River (part 2)

Jiaozuo Qingtianhe Scenic Area is characterized by beautiful mountains and rivers, with a long history and brilliant culture. It is a place of picturesque scenery and rich cultural heritage, integrating the beauty of the southern Jiangnan water town and the pastoral scenery of the northern country. It is renowned as the "Three Gorges of the North".

Yue Shan Temple

Yuanshan Temple, along with Shaolin Temple and Baima Temple, is known as the "Three Great Ancient Temples of the Central Plains". It was first built in 1158 AD and is a famous Buddhist holy site in history. It is also the birthplace of Baguazhang, one of the three major martial arts in China. The scenic area is filled with beautiful landscapes, including Xianshan Qiongge, morning bells and evening drums, green trees and clouds. It also has the famous Eight Great Sights, Seven Small Sights, Five Great Wonders, and two unsolved mysteries that have puzzled people for thousands of years.

Danhe Railway Single-Arched Bridge

Built in 1959, it is over 80 meters high and spans 130 meters. It connects Henan and Shanxi, and was known as "the first single-arch railway bridge in Asia" at that time.

Ancient locust tree in the Eastern Han Dynasty

According to legend, this locust tree was planted during the Eastern Han Dynasty and has a history of 2000 years. It is 13 meters tall, with a circumference of 3.2 meters, and a crown of 100 square meters. Cao Cao once tied his horse for a rest under this tree, and wrote the famous poem "Traveling in the Bitter Cold".

Botanical garden

Translated into English: It belongs to the primitive secondary forest, mainly composed of sandalwood and elm, with over 100 species. The branches and leaves are dense, blocking the sun, and providing a lush green shade in summer, bringing a cool breeze and making it an excellent place to escape from the heat.

Hundred Birds Forest

An area of 10,000 square meters, with dozens of rare bird species, some delicate and colorful, each singing loudly and dancing gracefully, it is a beautiful chapter of nature.