Parisian Famous Dessert Check-In Spot

Going to Paris, many tourists not only visit the Louvre and shop, but also include visiting dessert shops on their itinerary. Many desserts originated from Paris in the past, and now Paris also boasts many world-renowned dessert shops, constantly creating new desserts, keeping Paris in the top spot.

L'éclair de génie has arguably the best éclairs in all of Paris, created by dessert master Christophe Adam in 2013. He has developed a total of 84 flavors, such as Japanese yuzu, raspberry, passionfruit, kumquat, wild strawberries, and more. The flavors also change with the seasons, and each éclair is priced at 4.5-5 euros.
La Pâtisserie des rêves, founded by the "pastry street beast master" Philippe Conticini, sells traditional cream puffs and circular cream puffs. The circular cream puff is said to have been first invented by a dessert shop located on the route that cyclists had to pass during the 1891 bicycle race in Paris, inspired by the wheels of bicycles. What are its characteristics? It is very delicious!

Patisserie Yann Couvreur

The pastry chef Yann Couvreur of this dessert shop is the newest "prodigy" in the French dessert industry. The desserts in the shop are reasonably priced but extraordinary in taste, making it an instant new place for people in Paris to queue up.
The desserts at Le Meurice, a two-Michelin-star restaurant in Paris, are definitely worth a try. Pastry chef Cédric Grolet is the man behind the "Rubik's Cube" dessert, which consists of 27 different flavors of ice cream, including cherry-Lungol, apricot and rosemary, and chocolate peanut.