Six Must-Do Family Activities in Paris in Autumn

In autumn, both inside and outside of Paris city center are filled with crisp fall air and colorful foliage. The air is fresh and the temperature is just right, making it the perfect time to take your children on an outdoor adventure. Here are some activities that you absolutely cannot miss.

Luxembourg Park is the central park of the Latin Quarter in Paris, built during the reign of Louis XIII. Covering an area of 224,500 square meters, it has become a favorite place for students and tourists in Paris. The park is home to the Luxembourg Palace and the Luxembourg Museum, the former being the seat of the French Senate, and the latter regularly hosting short-term exhibitions. The park is also dotted with many statues and artworks, showcasing characters and animals from Greek mythology, as well as artists like Beethoven and Baudelaire. In the center of the park, on the flat ground, stands a statue of many French queens and one of the prototypes of the Statue of Liberty.

Rambouillet Forest

Secondly, go mushroom picking in the forest. In autumn, the mushrooms in the forest are ripe. Bring your children along to enjoy the pleasure of labor. The Lomphoy Forest is your best choice. Not only can you find various mushrooms in the woods, but you can also see the free-roaming musk deer strolling around or making eye contact with people. There are also traditional falconry performances.
Thirdly, explore theme parks. Nothing attracts children more than spending time exploring in a theme park. Actually, Disneyland in Paris is also very fun, with localized French features.

Muséum national d'histoire naturelle

Fourth thing: Visit a museum. Taking children to a museum is a good way to combine learning and entertainment. This museum is well-known as a must-visit for children in the world's museum rankings. It has a botanical garden, a zoo, a paleontological museum, as well as a comparative anatomy museum, a mineral museum, a museum of ancient plants, an insect museum, and a human museum.

Paris Aquarium

Fifth thing: Visit the aquarium. If the child likes animals, you can take them to the aquarium to explore the mysterious underwater world. The Paris aquarium, built in 1867, is the world's first aquarium that combines leisure, entertainment, marine life, art, music, and film. Some of the decorations are inspired by Jules Verne's novel "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea," and therefore have a sci-fi and mysterious atmosphere.

Admiral Cruise

Sixth thing: take a boat tour on the Seine River. The Seine River is one of the symbols of Paris, with charming scenery along the banks. The best way to enjoy it is by boat, feeling the cool autumn breeze and admiring the autumn colors on both sides. It's a great pleasure.