Great spots for exploring in Paris

Besides the romantic scenery, artistic treasures, and exquisite cuisine, Paris also has some mysterious places that are not well-known. If you want to experience another side of Paris, you can visit these places for some exploration.

Au Lapin Agile, Home of Cunning Rabbits

"The Cunning Rabbit's Home", formerly known as "Murderer's Ballroom", was named by the boss to intimidate people who liked to cause trouble in groups (some say because the boss's son was killed by an intruding assassin), and a knife was even stuck in the front door. This was once a gathering place for countless artists before they became famous, even Picasso used a work called "At the Cunning Rabbit's Home" to "settle debts". Nowadays "The Cunning Rabbit's Home" has different performances every night.

Vampire Museum

Founder Jacques Sirgent is an English teacher, but he is also an expert in researching "terrifying creatures". The collection of the "Vampires and Legendary Creatures Museum" he founded consists of his gathered "curiosities" about vampires and legendary creatures, including "anti-vampire masks, crossbows, cat mummies", and so on.
The Parisian Bastille, located on the Île de la Cité, became the home of the Revolutionary Tribunal during the overthrow of the monarchy in the French Revolution. The classical building was transformed into a major prison for political and common criminals. The site also features a special cell where visitors can see a mysterious woman, Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France, praying with a black veil covering her from head to toe.

Nicolas Lemme's House

Fans of Harry Potter must be familiar with the name Nicolas Flamel, as he is the creator of the Philosopher's Stone in the books. In history, there was indeed a person with this name who lived in 14th century France. Some say he mastered alchemy, while others claim he never died and discovered the secret of immortality. The builder of this stone house is none other than Nicolas Flamel himself, making it the oldest surviving stone house in Paris.