5 must-visit bookstores in Beijing

Beijing, as a city rich in culture, naturally has many bookstores. So, let's take a look at five can't-miss bookstores in Beijing.

Beijing Million Village Book Building

It can be said to be a very large bookstore, where you can find almost all the books you need. Beijing Million Huangzhuang Bookstore is a large comprehensive bookstore established with investment from the China Machinery Industry Publishing House. It currently has a business area of 5,000 square meters and displays more than 120,000 varieties. The bookstore opened on September 26, 2006, with the mission of spreading knowledge and serving readers. It is located in the densely populated area of Xicheng District, where government departments, research institutions, and universities are concentrated.

Unity Book Society

Unity Bookstore is also the Reader Services Department of the Central University for Nationalities Publishing House. Its first attribute is a specialty bookstore, a specialty bookstore for ethnic cultures. Therefore, the books at Unity Bookstore are excellent publications from various ethnic publishing houses across the country, and the display will also be adjusted according to actual circumstances.

Small Indie Bookstore

Small Bookstore is a physical bookstore specializing in poetry and literature books, as well as a publishing institution involved in the production of poetry and other books. There are many events here, so it's worth keeping an eye on and attending in advance.

The Bookstore of "Maziren"

"Madziyuan" is a bookstore, but sometimes it can also become a projection hall, small theater, salon, or various art spaces. It is probably the bookstore with the highest concentration of art in Beijing.

Space for books

Near Sanyuanqiao, in the courtyard of Hebei Tourism Office in Beijing, there is a hidden space called "Book Space," which is considered to be a very charming bookstore in Beijing.