Eat your way through the streets and alleys of Changsha and become a true foodie! (Part 3)

Changsha has unique snacks, trendy restaurants, and street food stalls, there is always a delicacy that suits your taste~

De Yuan baozi

This De Yuan Baozi shop is the only one in De Yuan's century-old history. I highly recommend it, you must go and try it. The taste is especially sweet and fragrant, each dumpling has a unique flavor. Most importantly, its dough is soft and delicious. Even if there is no filling, it would still be delicious like steamed buns! You'll regret it if you don't try it.

Qiaoboliang noodles

This shop is recommended for people from Changsha. It is difficult to find, as I spent half an hour finding it. It doesn't have a specific storefront but is located within a residential area. However, there is a small sign that serves as a guide. Everyone needs to be sharp-eyed!

Winter melon sausage

Watermelon Mountain Sausage is indeed real sausage. The skin is soft and crispy, and the meat inside is tender. It tastes sweet but a bit greasy. I can't really recommend it because the meat inside the sausage is too obvious for someone like me who enjoys various types of sausages. It is not expensive, so you can give it a try if you like, though it seems to be popular among the locals.

Changqing Tangyuan Shop

Scallion oil spicy hot pot, 1.5 yuan per serving. Tastes similar to the noodle dish I had in Wuhan, but with the aroma of scallion and oil. It is more fragrant and crispy, and delicious.

Double Swallow Tower

Spicy dried tofu with chili oil costs 6 yuan per serving. The combination of tofu and chopped chili is delicious. One bite of the red oil will satisfy your taste buds. That's the joy that food brings! Green pea juice costs 5 yuan per bowl. It is carefully made, and the green pea itself is delicious. There are no green pea skins, and the texture is great! Recommendation! One serving of fresh meat wonton costs 9 yuan. It is very cost-effective to have 10 small wontons. The filling of the fresh meat is delicious and the skin is thin. After eating, take a sip of the soup, and you will be satisfied!

De Tian Shun Gai Ma Fan

Changsha people love to eat "gaima fan" and claim it to be the Hermès of "gaima fan". I couldn't resist the temptation and decided to try it. It was spicy and exciting, and made me experience the flavors of Hunan cuisine.