Six popular art-based check-in spots in Changsha

The main focus of the trip to Changsha is food, but it's also necessary to intersperse various museums and art exhibitions throughout the day. Besides, we also enjoy various exhibitions ourselves, so after browsing various platforms, we found that these places have brought us a lot of surprises.

The entire museum building also has an artistic style. The museum has a total area of ​​15.3 acres, with an indoor area of ​​over 25,000 square meters, surrounded by over 180 acres of green space and lake environment. The internationally renowned monk Master Xingyun (known as the mentor of Li Zijian) came to lay the foundation in May 2014, and construction began in December of the same year. It was completed on October 1, 2016 and is permanently open to the public free of charge.
Adjacent to the Li Zijian Gallery, it mainly exhibits art related to photography and film. After checking in at the Li Zijian Gallery, many people come here as it is just a few steps away, and the surrounding area is great for taking photos. The strong industrial style is loved by many, making it a popular "internet famous check-in spot" for many people.

Changsha Museum: The Universe of Hawking and George

Just like the Pearl River New Town in Guangzhou, the location of Changsha Museum is not only a museum, but also includes Changsha Planning Exhibition Hall, Changsha Library, Changsha Concert Hall, similar to Guangdong Provincial Museum, Guangzhou Opera House, and Guangzhou Library.

IFS Tianjin-KAWS & Sesame Street

ICBC International Financial Center, or Guojin Center, can be considered one of the largest shopping malls in Changsha. The main purpose of this event is twofold: the KAWS and Sesame Street X Summer Tide special exhibition.

DingDing MALL

Dingding MALL covers an area of 30 mu, with a total planned construction area of 40,260.94 square meters. Within the shopping center, there are five sunken courtyards designed. In terms of creating indoor and outdoor spaces, it adopts the first "breathable multi-level sunken garden" design concept and the "six senses" art space shaping method in Changsha, creating a scenario-based experiential space that integrates ecology and art. It will be developed into a large space with a rich and diverse combination of brands, providing a brand new one-stop shopping center experience of dining, entertainment, and shopping for the citizens of Changsha.

Back to Forest Project

"Return to Forest Project" is a Japanese-style restaurant that offers a tranquil atmosphere and a wide variety of beverages, meals, and afternoon tea.