The Berlin Wall, a must-visit place in one's lifetime

The Berlin Wall was once built to prevent free movement of people between East Berlin (including the capital) of the German Democratic Republic and West Berlin belonging to the Federal Republic of Germany, and it became a symbolic building of Germany's division and the Cold War after World War II. Today, the Berlin Wall exists to warn people of the cruelty of war.

East gallery

The East Side Gallery is a gallery composed of different themed paintings created by 180 artists from 21 countries on the Berlin Wall, providing a sense of people's memories and commemorations of that period of history, as well as their belief in and pursuit of love and peace.
In the park, you can see the original appearance of the Berlin Wall: it is not just a wall, but a set of blockade facilities consisting of observation towers, concrete walls, open areas, and anti-vehicle ditches. In addition, there are various exhibitions in the open spaces telling stories of the divided period.

Berlin Wall Memorial

This huge open memorial museum helps people understand how the Berlin Wall suddenly divided this city. It records the disasters and hardships Berlin suffered through art.